Colonel Retires, Burglars Caught and a Controversial Senior Prank Gone Awry: Feedback Friday

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Here are some of last week's highlights: 

U.S. Army Colonel and H-F High School graduate, Sylvia Moran was featured as H-F Patch's "Remarkable Resident" this week after she retired from her over 35 years of service in the military. Here's what H-F Patch readers had to say about it:

: Wow, talk about a "class act"- I'm certainly impressed. Congrats, friend Sylvia; here's to a long, healthy, happy retirement.

: Thanks so much for your service and for leading the way for thousands of women who now enjoy successful military careers.

An unnerving afternoon burglary was interrupted when the three burglars realized the homeowner was still inside on Wednesday afternoon. A swift response by Flossmoor Police lead to their capture. Here are some of the comments left by H-F Patch readers:

: Whoo hoo! Go FPD! Nice job. And kudos to the homeowner for keeping her wits about her.

: But why is violent crime going up, and what does Flossmoor plan to do about it? Clearly a greater police presence is needed to deter the increasingly brazen attacks we are seeing. The status quo is simply not acceptable.

: Wow! I am shocked at these three boys! Not only did they commit a crime, but they have built themselves a theft record! Praises to the young lady in the home for not panicking... Go Flossmoor Police Department! I agree with you Juvenal, Flossmoor has to up it game on police presence.

: Way to go homeowner and Flossmoor Police.


A senior prank gone too far now has 11 H-F High School students facing criminal charges for $4,000 in damages. H-F Patch readers had quite a lot to say about the incident:

: I think that it is normal for children to want to do a prank on the last day of school however the students at H-F have a responsibility to be role models because of the high standard of the institution. It is important that they don't ruin the reputation of their graduating class and exercise good judgement and integrity in their actions. Senior year and graduation create happy memories and should not be overshadowed by incidents such as this. I only hope they learned a life lesson from this incident and wish them all the best in their future.

: What these students do no realize is that if convicted even of a misdemeanor, this will stay on their record forever!! It will affect their entrance into college, scholarships, loans, jobs, etc, etc. Kids today are given everything, except discipline and a sense of responsibility.

: I attend hf, and went on the deck... all we need is a power washer... (rent from home depot for 19.99 an hr) and the paint would come right off... so way to go homewood-flossmoor police for once again over reacting because that prank on a scale from 1-10 was an 11, but next year it'll be a 12...

: I find it funny that the school is so concerned about the "Senior Deck" and it's condition when really the "Senior Deck" is being redone for next year anyways which is left out of all of the information. Kids are kids. Everyone makes mistakes in life and this may not have been the best decision for the students but none of the people commenting here have the right to call them stupid. Everyone makes bad decisions in their life.

: Okay everyone lets play nice in the sandbox! I do believe these kids went a little over board, but not enough to charge them with a misdemeanor. This will ruin their lives and that is not how justice is served. If we want to help them learn a lesson, then we should assign them with community service and they should have to clean up the property. Abigail, you should look at things through a double mirror and realize that harsh punishment should not apply to small crimes. I know the key work is still crimes, but these graduates should have a second chance at life. Lets not give up on our youth so quickly!

: I am one of the kids in this whole situation, and all these comments are unnecessary because none of you actually know what happened and what u guys think should be our punishment are wrong. We all know we should be in trouble but we were told many things. And you guys think you know so much about the justice system you just don't, because you don't know what is going to happen to us.

Eileen June 05, 2011 at 12:50 AM
@ white sox and dj-I was at HF this morning and saw just a little of the damage, including what was done to the deck. If this so simple and cheap to clean off and you think its so funny, then you rent the power washer and do the work. This should not be at the expense of the taxpayers. Oh, and while you're at it, get in the bio pond and get all the plastic glasses they threw in there.


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