Horn, Wiper Troubles Earn Reader Horrible Commute Prize

We asked readers to tell us about their terrible drives home during last Friday's snowstorm for a chance to win Patch gear. Now, it's time to find out what the winner had to put up with to get home.

For a lot of commuters, the Friday night drive home is a glorious time. It means "Goodbye work, hello weekend."

But last week, it was more like, "Goodbye work, hello treacherous snow-bound roads."

That's why , and we would reward one reader with a prize package of Patch gear. Sifting through the harrowing tales of travel, we picked a winner.

Congratulations, , your winter traffic woes make you the lucky (or possibly unlucky) winner. Here's what the reader wrote:

Must have been an accident on the Lockport bridge because it was closed for quite a while. When we finally started moving my car starting sliding so I honked my horn to alert the driver ahead of me. Luckily, my car stopped before I hit him, but my horn got stuck and would not shut off. Shortly after that my front windshield wipers broke. So I spent the next 2 hours driving with my horn blasting and my window open so I could continually brush the snow off of my front windshield. Thankfully, traffic was only going 2 miles an hour which made the task a little bit easier. I am very grateful that a road rager didn't pull me out of my car and beat the snot out of me. It would have been real hard to defend myself with a frozen arm.

In fact, we got so many good entries that we're sharing some other favorites:

This is from :

well i left Oakbrook at 3:30pm via 88 @ 4:30pm made it to 294 and ogden. still keeping a fast speed of 5 miles an hours my rear wiper broke ran out of windsheil washer fluid front wipers were iceing up and had to pee. At 5:30 made it to 294 and 95th st. still had to pee. Finally at 6:00pm i got off at 159th st and that was one lane all the way to cicero and i had a older lady(?) in front spinning her tires all the way down 159 and some guy behind me flashing his lights and honking right on my bumper, i still had to pee maybe he had to too, ha ha ha and about 6:30pm finally made the driveway and was greated by my wounderful wife with a hot cup of coffee, oh and I finally peed too.

An entry from :

I left work at 4 p.m. I took the 4:08 Metra to the Sibley stop. I got off the train with my car keys in my hand and rushed to my car which was parked in the lot. Once at my car I realized the keys I had in my hand were gone???? I backtracked all of my steps (in the snow) twice, trying to see if they had fallen in the snow. With all the people rushing to their cars, someone had to have seen my keys. Totally devastated, I walked over to catch a nearby bus to my home (but it took the bus 35 minutes to arrive because of the snow). Then it took the bus another 45 minutes to get to my home. I rushed in the piling snow to my house to grab my spear keys and then take the bus back to the train station. I had to wait for the next bus going back that way for 1 and a half hours (I was frozen and cold). The bus got so far then had to detour because the police had the streets blocked off for salt trucks. I had to get off that bus because it was no longer going my way. I ran around in the middle of the streets in the snowy blizzard trying to figure out how I was going to get back to the train station for my car. I finally asked a police officer if buses were going a different route that would get my back to the train station. Finally I found a bus that was suppose to take me back that way, with in turn actually took me further out of the way. I finally had to take another Metra train (which took 45 minutes to get to me) back to the train stop I needed in order to get my car.

And finally, Gretchen Kron Dust left this comment on the Frankfort Patch Facebook wall.

At 3:20p my husband began the drive home from 355 and Butterfield Road...he's still stopped on 80 West only 2 miles away from I-57, wipers frozen and saw three accidents so far...I guess I'll keep you posted on the total time! Maybe I'll be able to brighten his night with a SwagBag for his efforts to get home! (Editor's note: He made it home by 7:30 p.m.)

Thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully, this will be the only time this winter we do a contest like this.


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