Horrible Commute Friday? Tell Us to Win Patch Gear

Commuters had to endure heavy snow, poor road conditions and less-than-considerate drivers to get home Friday night. Share your commuting horror story for a chance to win a Patch prize package.

If reports are to be believed, Friday night's commute home was not pretty.

Were you one of the commuters who endured sitting in a cold car for hours and hours, just trying to make it back to your family (or your pet)? Here's your chance to share that trip with everyone else and make all those work-from-home slackers (like certain Patch editors) feel guilty.

Post your commuting horror story from Friday night in this story's comments section for a chance to win a Patch Swag package that includes a tote bag, water bottle and other fun stuff.

LIVE MAP: Check Out the Traffic Before You Hit the Road

Here are a few comments from readers so far from the Frankfort Patch Facebook page.

From Gretchen Kron Dust: "At 3:20p my husband began the drive home from 355 and Butterfield Road...he's still stopped on 80 West only 2 miles away from I-57, wipers frozen and saw three accidents so far...I guess I'll keep you posted on the total time! Maybe I'll be able to brighten his night with a SwagBag for his efforts to get home!"

From Heather QuasiEvil Brush: "My husband gets off work at 2. He works on the north side of chicago, he still isn't home. When I talked to him at 430 he still was in the city!"

From Jamie Lynn: "I thought about leaving my nice warm house, to walk down my driveway to get the mail, but the commute was too long. I love working from home!!! :)"

Well, some of them are more horrific than others.

The deadline to enter is 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21

Padraic Sullivan January 22, 2012 at 03:33 PM
I don't know if people know who plows what streets. And I am 100% sure that these streets were a nightmare. These are plowed by County and State. Some of these roads are Orland Park, Orland Hills, and Tinley Park. 1. Oak Forest Ave (Ridgeland to 167 St) 2. Ridgeland Ave (between Oak Forest Ave & Route 30) 3. 80 Ave. (between 159 St. & 183 St) 4. 84 Ave. 5. 167 St (East of Harlem Ave). 6. 171 St (West of Harlem Av to LaGrange (Rte 45)) 7. 175 St (East of Oak Park Ave to Central Ave) 8. 179 St (West of 94th Ave to Route 45) 9. 183 St (Harlem West to LaGrange) 10. 94th Ave (171st St. to 159th St.) 11. Lagrange (IDOT) 12. 159th (IDOT)
Baba Wawa January 22, 2012 at 03:52 PM
Russ, quit whining. And who cares about everyone's bad commute? They were bad everyone and for everyone. Newsworthy? No. Same boring stories. "It took me four days to move two blocks..." "I left work at 3:00 and didn't get home until midnight..." BORING.
Baba Wawa January 22, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Benjamin Feldhhhhhhhhhheim, I don't need or want the attention, but why waste space on boring, mundane, stories about how long it took to drive down LaGrange Road? Who'd want to spend an hour reading these dull tales of everyone's bad commute? ZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Renita Young January 23, 2012 at 05:30 AM
That's great...you lucked out, Ozzy! And even better, no accidents. I tried taking side streets, but at the time they were a hassle to get through and hadn't been plowed yet. I also nearly spun out on one of them, going slow, too.
Renita Young January 23, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Wow Debbie, some trip. I hope there was good programming on the radio!


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