Suspend Your Disbelief and Watch a Woman Fly

See a Chicago woman swing through the air by 6 hooks pierced in her back this weekend at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

Codi Schei, of Chicago, is suspended by six hooks in her back Sept. 22, at the Tinley Park Convention Center. | Credit: Joe Vince
Codi Schei, of Chicago, is suspended by six hooks in her back Sept. 22, at the Tinley Park Convention Center. | Credit: Joe Vince

 While not overly graphic, the following video is NOT for people who:

  • Don't like the sight of ANY blood
  • Have no desire seeing someone pierced with "hooks"
  • Don't enjoy seeing people swing through the air by hooks in their skin
If that sounds like you, do yourself a favor and don't hit play. Everyone else, enjoy! —Joe Vince, Tinley Park-Oak Forest Patch Editor

Although it's billed as a tattoo convention, Immersed in Ink, the national tour that visited the Tinley Park Convention Center this past weekend, features other body art and modification, such as piercing. 

Piercing, though, just doesn't mean adding a ring to your lip or stretching a lobe for an ear gauge. It also can include temporarily running a few small, steel rods through fleshy parts of your body and being suspended and spun through the air.

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That's what Codi Schei, 22, demonstrated Sunday, Sept. 22, when she had six "hooks" applied to her back and took to the air, thanks to 313 Suspension Team manager and piercer Steve Bennett

This wasn't the first time Schei's been suspended; in fact, it was her eighth. Along with her back, the Chicagoan also has been pierced and spun around by her forearms and her legs. Eventually, she would like to try a suspension called "The Resurrection," which places the hooks in the torso, and the person is lifted up from the middle.

"It's the best feeling you'll ever feel in your life. Ever," Schei said of the suspension experience. 

"Once you're up, you're, like, in your own world," she added. "There's a lot of emotion and sensation. You're, like, "aaaah!"

Find out how Schei got started being suspended and watch her fly through the air with the greatest of ease—and six hooks in her back—in the video in this article. 

MORE INFO: Go to Steve Bennett's Facebook page for details about the 313 Suspension Team.


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