Tinley Celebrates St. Pat's With a Clover Hunt

The yearly park district event helps bring the spirit of the Irish to the region's children.

Today might be St. Patrick's Day, but the luck of the Irish was hidden away at on Friday.

Hidden in the park were four leaf clovers that little leprechauns had to search for. This search was part of the Clover Leaf Hunt sponsored by the .

According to Barb Koechritz, pre-school teacher for the park district and a recreation programs/special events assistant, the park district has been doing this event for at least the last 16 years.

As the kids lined up, Stacey Green, the preschool, youth and special events coordinator, explained the rules of the hunt and told the kids there were only so many four-leaf clovers hidden. When the kids find them, they need to let one of the park district employees know so that the kids can get their prizes. So as kids lined up with their legs outstretched – on their marks and go! They were off to find those clover leafs.

William Fergus, a 7-year-old Tinley Park resident, sprinted across the park to find the clovers as his dad and younger brother waited for him to return back.

“The kids really enjoy the event,” said his father, William Fergus Sr.

Unfortunately, Kevin his younger son didn’t find the four-leaf clovers, but according to his dad, William (Sr.) Fergus, “He found plenty of candy.”

Laurel Miskovic was one of the lucky ones though. She found a four-leaf clover. Laurel has been coming to the Clover Leaf Hunt since she was 2.

“The park district events are always lots of fun, and Laurel had lots of fun today,” said Carolyn Miskovic, Laurel’s mom.

“It was a great turnout,” Green said.

She added the clover hunt is always a popular event with a good crowd.

“We had much better weather than last year,” Green said.

According to David Piejko, assistant coordinator for preschool, youth and special events, the first clover leaf hunt for ages 2 to 5 had about 100 participants. However, the old kids group ages 6 and up had about 100 to 125, Green said

Friends Evan Daniels, 3, and Ethan Tuma, 4, searched together and had lots of fun. Evan's parents, Lori and Matt Daniels said the event was very nice, however, Evan seemed to be more interested in the candy rather than the clover leafs.

Sharon Tuma, Ethan’s mom, also agreed that Ethan had other areas of interest that were not clover leafs.

“He thought it would be more fun to just play at the park,” Tuma said.

Also in attendance were not just parents and kids, but grandparents too. Karen Cerceo, grandma to Evan Daniels, felt the event was fun and very nice for the families.

However, the event was not just for Tinley Park residents, which makes Tinley Park and even better community because they consistently open their events to the surrounding communities and further.

Tessa Dvorak, 2, a Homer-Glenn resident, was searching for the four-leaf clovers as well.

“I thought it was a nice way to get the community out. It was very cute and very organized,” said Carla Dvorak, mom to Tessa.

Even the Kreamalmeyers of Oak Forest, who have also been at other Tinley Park events, came out to the Clover Leaf Hunt.

“The kids had fun and liked the hunt a lot,” said Mary Kreamalmeyer, mom to Sarah, 5, Ryan, 4, and Alex, 2.

Remember that no matter how many shamrocks participants found at the Clover Leaf Hunt:

“For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way; good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day,”

Check back at 1 p.m. for our Viewfinder photo gallery of the clover hunt. And remember, there's still one day left to win a $20 gas card by adding your photos and videos to .

Happy St. Pat's from Patch!


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