Tinley Park Teen Stars in MTV's '16 & Pregnant'

The show chronicles the local teen's pregnancy and experience as a young mother.

Tinley Park teen Maddy Godsey, 18, made her debut Monday in the season 5 premiere of MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

The show documents the lives of girls who fit the criteria set forth in the title, and Maddy is described as an All-American girl who becomes pregnant from a one-night stand.

The show's local tie has been a heated topic in town, as Mayor Ed Zabrocki and the village in December asked MTV not to shoot any footage for the show at the 80th Avenue Metra station. The show's production crew complied, but the mayor pointed out that it didn't stop them from filming at other locations that aren't owned by the village. 

However, the show was not allowed to shoot at Andrew High School, where the subject, Maddy Godsey, attends school. 

An "official" Facebook fan page also has been set up for Maddy and her daughter, Aubrey.
The show airs Monday nights at 9 p.m., on MTV. 

Tricia McKenna April 16, 2014 at 08:15 PM
Teen pregnancy, should not be society's problem, however it does become that because we end up paying for the vast majority who eventually end up on welfare. As far as I am concerned my problem with mtv is giving these girls any money, for what getting pregnant? Get a job! If you want to act like an adult and have sex, then act like an adult and take care of your child. How about both control, oh wait I forgot she told the guy to take off the condom, so responsible! So you ask us as a society that we think teenagers now a days are irresponsible and have a "you owe me" type of attitude, the answer Hell yes! If you want the public to change opinion, then get these type of tv shows that showcase, the sorry type of teens that are out there. Let me watch a show about teens who finish school and go of to college or start careers, I would rather see a responsible teens struggle then a irresponsible girl who had a one might stand and wants everyone to feel sorry for her..boo hoo
ChiCubs1 April 16, 2014 at 10:23 PM
Teen Pregnancy does happen a lot and we as taxpayers do end up paying for them. I agree with Tricia - it pisses me off that MTV airs this crap and makes it out to be no big deal. These teens lack jobs and parental guidance and yes being a teen mom is difficult, I imagine...teens should recall they put themselves into the predicament. Pregnancy is 100% preventable.
Kmstudent April 17, 2014 at 12:59 AM
Tricia and chicubs...we are in agreement on that : teen pregnancy IS a big deal and that is exactly why this show is on the air, the ramifications are certainly not made light of, in fact that's the premise of the show. Sure there is drama unrelated and some girls have more than others but the girls are between 16 and 23 with children what do you expect? And to inform you, many of the girls go to school or work or do BOTH. I personally don't find this surprising as they have families to support and that's what people do to make a living, but it is good the program shows how difficult juggling all that responsibility is especially for teens thinkim about having sex. Its one thing to hear the difficulties from a parent or school and its another to see someone your age who you may relate to better struggling to accomplish things oor giving up things taken for granted such as sports, friends, homes, sanity. I'm not seeking to achieve sympathy for these girls and I don't think they are either (at least not the majority of the teen moms), I think many do truly want to help other girls make better decisions. Some of these girls are lucky enough to have amazing parents who help them through life and are by their side. The teen moms know their lives as they are was their own doing, so if that was not communicated In the last episode, its not representative of the show as a whole and is likely due to temporary immaturity. Maci bookout, one of the original teen moms, does amazing work traveling the country talking to high schools and universities about safe sex and the importance of waiting or using birth control. She tells them chicubs about the 100% preventable, and funny enough that exact quote comes from MTV's shows break between scenes;
Kmstudent April 17, 2014 at 01:03 AM
"Pregnancy is 100% preventable" so you and the goal of the show are not so far apart. So it sounds like your unfamiliarity with the show is coloring your opinion; since many of these girls do work, go to school, have careers, and work hard doing it.


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