Weather Wrap-Up: How Did Tinley Park Handle the Below-Zero Cold?

Monday's extreme temperatures only caused a few disruptions throughout the village. Find out what they were.

A water main broke along Pine Point Drive on Monday, Jan. 6. | Credit: Mark Schmeltzer
A water main broke along Pine Point Drive on Monday, Jan. 6. | Credit: Mark Schmeltzer
Despite a broken water main and a higher than average number of ambulance calls, Monday was fairly uneventful in Tinley Park. 

Except for the 16 below zero temperatures.

Dangerous cold hit the village and the rest of the Chicago area Monday, as forecasted. But the extreme weather conditions didn't cause much of a strain on village services.

"So far, it's gone pretty well," said Pat Carr, director of Tinley Park's Emergency Management Agency.

By Monday, plows had removed much of the weekend's snowfall from Tinley Park streets, and the village was focused on handling the effects of the cold, Carr said.

The village did receive about 40 ambulance calls in a 48-hour period, which is a high amount, Carr said. But not all of these emergency responses could be attributed to the cold, he added. 

Public works crews also responded to a call of broken water main along Pine Point Drive on Monday morning, Carr said. 

The village also operated two warming shelters—one at the Tinley Park police station, and one at the Tinley Park Senior Center in the Public Safety Building—but no residents had used them as of 4 p.m. Monday, Carr said.

Besides simply being cold, the extreme temperatures did create some frustrations for residents out of the village's control. The Tinley Park Public Library and some neighborhoods throughout the village were without Internet access, cable TV and even phone service for most of Monday because of a Comcast service disruption. 

Some area stores and gas stations also have been depleted of certain merchandise and fuel caused by customers stocking up before the snowstorm and cold snap, as well as supply trucks being delayed because of road closures in Illinois and Indiana. 

While temperatures are still expected to be well below zero Tuesday, forecasts are predicting a slightly warmer day, Carr said, adding that additional Tinley Park Fire Department crews will be on duty through the night.

YOUR TURN: How did you handle Monday's extreme cold? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
Sue Slansky January 07, 2014 at 09:24 PM
I just like to say, I think the village did a terrible job on plowing. The snow drifts this morning were uncalled for. That should have been cleaned by this mornings rush hour. I also understand that salt doesn't work in extreme coldm but they could have used some calcium-chloride, which would have helped the snow packed roads.
Harry Callahan January 08, 2014 at 08:41 AM
To sum it up truthfully "MOTHER NATURE" kicked our butts it was no contest what do U think AL GORE? AL AL R U there??????
Harry Callahan January 08, 2014 at 08:52 AM
@SUE I always felt Tinley always did a very good job plowing and keeping the streets in good condition as I saw Sunday though from my windows there just wasn;t the ump in their normal past at times the trucks just stopped it seamed they gave up and were overrun by "MOTHER NATURE" . as was many others.


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