Woman Wants Tinley Park Man to Give Back Viking Ship Pics, White Sox Bat: Lawsuit

A Tinley Park man offered to store a woman's stuff but now won't give it back, according to a lawsuit.

A woman wants her burgundy Viking ship pictures back. Credit: Getty
A woman wants her burgundy Viking ship pictures back. Credit: Getty
A Tinley Park man agreed to store a woman's belongings while she was looking for a new home but won't let them go now that she wants her stuff back, according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

The woman, Denise Zivo, wants to be paid for her property, get punitive damages and have her costs and attorney's fees covered, according to her lawsuit.

In the suit, Zivo said Bruce Galassini of Tinley Park offered in August 2012 to hold onto her things since she was "moving out of her previous residence and staying, along with her minor children, with family friends until (she) could purchase or rent a new home."

Zivo asked for her things back in May, the lawsuit said, and two months after that, "with the assistance of the Tinley Park police," managed to recover a "small portion of her belongings," the suit said.

But Galassini has the rest, the suit said, including "Viking ship pictures—burgundy," gazelle pictures, furniture, a framed Michael Jordan jersey, an "encased baseball bat—autographed by White Sox," a computer, tools a "Viking wine refrigerator," and "miscellaneous boxes containing personal items and children's photographs."

All of these things—and more—are worth about $79,370, the lawsuit said.

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Robert February 12, 2014 at 07:05 AM
Not the ex con Bruce Galassini an Icon for selling boot leg movies at bars across the southside suburbs? Not the infamous Bruce Galassini who has been arrested numerous times, violating order of protections, tresspassing, criminal damage etc...?


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