Calling All Bros: CVS Rolls Out 'Guy Aisle' in Tinley Store

Now, men don't have to wade through rows of hot pink loofahs, facial sponges and feminine products to get to the nose hair trimmers.

Craig Meinaret's trip to a pharmacy was a bit more manly Wednesday afternoon.

"I was in and out and I didn't have to deal with walking through aisles of all the girly stuff," the 34-year-old said, while heading to his car in the lot at . "I didn't know this new aisle existed."

The fact is that the "guy aisle," there didn't exist until recently. The store is among about 1,000 in the country to debut the male-focused row of grooming products. It's lined with musky aftershave, deodorant and body wash as well as razors, nose hair trimmers, beard dye and anything else that screams "dude."

Separating out the items inevitably creates a neighboring "chick aisle," though many may argue that there are several rows focusing on lavender exfoliants and cocoa butter lotion in local pharmacies. A girly section isn't named or noted by Procter & Gamble or CVS— the partnership that made the guy aisle a reality.

“Men are buyers and not shoppers," Procter & Gamble Spokesman Michael Norton said, in a news release. "They want to get the shopping done, and with all their grooming needs in one aisle, it makes shopping easier, quicker and simpler.”

Men are more interested in their personal products than ever, according to the release, and the "grooming business" is predicted to grow from $2 billion to $3 billion by 2012.

Meinaret didn't agree that men are trending toward buying more personal products, he said. But it's nice to finally have all of them in one place.

"I always know what I'm looking for and I buy the same things every time I go," he said. "With all the rows of products for women, I'm surprised no one thought of this sooner."


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Patricia September 29, 2011 at 01:35 PM
This is a great idea!!
chris September 29, 2011 at 03:51 PM
Maybe....but what does this mean for products men buy that aren't located in the "Guy" aisle... maybe they won't bother to even look for those items now? I can see some manufacturers not being happy with CVS...
Lorraine Swanson (Editor) September 30, 2011 at 06:00 AM
Who knew there were so many metrosexuals in the Southland.


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