Family Floral Business Grows Thanks to Customer Service

For more than 20 years, the owners of Heather's Haus Florist prize their return patrons for singing their praises.

has been serving Tinley Park residents for more than 20 years. It opened its doors in 1990 and, after moving twice, settled in the corner of the strip mall at 16633 Oak Park Ave.  

“We love everything about Tinley Park” said Judy Brunig, who owns the shop with her husband and one of her two daughters. “We’ve lived in Tinley Park for 43 years. It’s the only place we’d consider doing a business.” 

The lack of local florists is what made the Brunigs decide to open a flower shop, and the business has bloomed thanks to the natural floral talents of one of the couple's daughters, who created  the shop's Make My Day Bouquet. The $5 arraignment, which includes daisies, baby sprouts and greens, is the store's best seller.

“And they last long, so people come back and order more,”  Brunig said. 

The Brunigs pride themselves on their repeat customers. They do very little advertising for the shop and rely on "word-of-mouth" thanks to the service they’ve given others to get customers through the doors.

“Quality is really what sets us apart,” Brunig said “Quality and customer service.  A lot of times someone will come in and say they went somewhere else, and they were rude and abrupt; they blew them off a little. We spend time with our customers.”

Spending time with customers also makes the business personal for Brunig. 

“When people come in for funerals, I usually stand there and cry with them," she said. "You get wrapped up in their loss.” 

At those times Brunig hopes her service and the special attention paid on the flowers helped to brighten someone’s life. “That makes you feel good," she added.

The phone ringing off the hook also brings a huge smile to Brunig’s face. On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, the telephone rattled almost every 10 seconds with customers pre-ordering flowers for the holiday. As an entrepreneur this pleased Bruning, but as a mother, it gave her pause. 

“We’re getting quite a few pre-orders, but sometimes you wonder," she said. "On Mother’s Day, we get people coming in at 4 p.m. saying they forgot it's Mothers Day. They’ll take whatever we got at that point. That doesn’t happen as often for Valentine’s Day.”

Deb Melchert February 14, 2011 at 12:23 PM
The owner had it right.........quality and service sets them apart from everyone else and has kept us as a repeat customer for years!
Deb Melchert February 14, 2011 at 12:37 PM
I have to add that the $5 Make My Day bouquet is awesome! Whether you're just going to visit a friend, an office party, birthday, Christmas party or any other reason, you will always be remembered if you walk in with a bouquet of fresh flowers for your friend or the hostess!
Mary Compton February 14, 2011 at 02:17 PM
Great place to buy flowers not only on Valentine's Day but year round. The $5.00 Make My Day bouquet is less expensive than a fast food meal, to brightens someone day. Fresh flowers with a smile keeps me going here.
Heather S. February 15, 2011 at 06:54 AM
Heather's Haus is the only place that my family gets flowers from. Even my mom, how now lives in Florida, will call them and place an order for my grandmother every year for her Roses.
Kelly Gee February 15, 2011 at 03:05 PM
My husband bought me the most beautiful plant and flower arrangement for Valentines Day from Heather Haus! I love it. I have also purchased the $5 Make My Day Bouquet several times, and it was always well received! Mrs. Brunig said it perfectly. The customer service and quality does set them apart! I will not go anywhere else!


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