Have You Had Your Eyes Checked Lately?

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Each week Patch focuses on a different product or service. This week it's about the eyes. Was one of your New Year's resolutions to get your eyes checked?

Eye doctors recommend adults have their eyes checked every year, resolution or not. If you suffer headaches, watery eyes, blurry vision, difficulty seeing at night (especially while driving) or if you feel the need to rub your eyes frequently, you might need glasses.

Children who need glasses might experience similar symptoms (but might be less inclined to admit them). Watch children for behaviors like sitting too close to the television or computer, holding a book to close to the face and rubbing eyes frequently. 

If you suspect someone in your family needs glasses, or your eyeglass prescription needs to be updated, call one of these specialists in and Orland Park.

If your resolution was to get  or to start attending , we've got you covered, there, too. 

When a new family moves into your neighborhood and they ask for your recommendations for stores, take-out places or professional services, what do you say?

Because Patch has an extensive directory of businesses, we want all of our readers to benefit from your experience the way your neighbors do. What are your go-to places for dinner on those nights when you don't want to cook? Who do you call when a raccoon has made your chimney home?

Share your knowledge with other readers by leaving reviews on businesses in our directory. Clicking on the name of the business takes you to its profile page where you can express yourself and give them a rating.


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