Resident Takes Tinley Park Athletes and Fitness Gurus to the Next Level

Is becoming more fit at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2012? You’re in luck—Tenacity Performance Training is open for business.

resident Paul Magsombol always knew he wanted to make his love of fitness more than just a hobby.

Armed with degrees in kinesiology science and recreation, and well as sports tourism, Magsombol realized his dream with a new business venture—Tenacity Performance Training—which opened in town last fall and hosted a grand re-opening Saturday.

While there are several venues in Tinley Park and the surrounding area to run the treadmill or lift weights, Magsombol assures that Tenacity Performance offers something different. Magsombol brings to the table 13 years of experience as a certified fitness trainer at training centers and hospital facilities throughout the Chicago and its suburbs.

“I can help student athletes looking for a competitive edge, or adults who want to stay active or participate in recreational sports,” Magsombol said.

He believes proper training in the off season can make a significant difference for student athletes, affording more playing time and bettering their teams.

“Guided the right way, kids with average talent can compete against those with more natural talent, but without the physical skills to maintain this level,” Magsombol said.

He structures each program based on a client’s individual needs, as well as the nature of the sport.

Twelve-year-old Mara Maday, a student at , is training at Tenacity Performance in anticipation of the upcoming track season. Magsombol custom designed a program for her that includes conditioning, plyometric exercises, speed and agility drills and balance exercises.

“I want Mara prepared for the (upcoming) track season, not only to improve her chances in competition, but also to prevent any possible injuries,” her father Larry said, noting the official track season for most junior high school programs is short, with little time for proper conditioning.

Magsombol agrees.

“Unfortunately for many student athletes, the first day of practice is often the first time they’ve done anything to prepare (for the sport)," he said. "Our goal for Mara during the next few months, until the track season starts, is to prepare her body to go and hit the ground running. She’ll already be ahead of the game."

A Tenacity Performance program can also help non-athletes seeking general fitness. Many everyday movements mimic those used in the athletic arena, according to Magsombol. Good balance, agility and proper body alignment is important to preventing strain or injury when completing everyday tasks and chores.

Some clients come determined to look good for an upcoming event or to fit into a certain size. While he understands these goals, he stresses the importance of the overall picture—total fitness.

“I take a holistic approach at fitness," he said. "My plan is always to get clients to move better, which helps them feel better. The by-product of this plan is that clients look better, on or off the field."

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