'Noodles and Company' Opening in Frankfort March 10

New location at 21075 S. Lagrange Rd. will open soon. It's the company's 50th location in Illinois.

Noodles & Company, serving classic noodle and pasta dishes from around the world, Monday announced that it will open a new location on S. Lagrange Rd. in Frankfort on Monday, March 10. The restaurant will open at 10:30 a.m. and is located at 21075 S. Lagrange Rd. 

The 2,434 square-foot Frankfort location, which has seating for 64 guests inside the dining room and 14 guests on the outside patio, will be the 50th in the state.

"We are excited to bring our world of flavors to Frankfort. From healthy to indulgent, spicy to comforting, we have something for everyone, from kids to adults," said Erin Murphy, Senior Manager of Communications at Noodles & Company. "With a broad menu of noodles, salads, soups and sandwiches, you can get a different taste every day, in lots of different ways. It is flavors from around the world, right down the street. That’s why we’re called Your World Kitchen."

Noodles & Company has more than 380 restaurant locations across the United States and delivers its globally inspired, cooked-to-order menu. Its menu consists of more than 25 fresh, customizable dishes. Customer favorites include the sweet and spicy Japanese Pan Noodles, zesty Pesto Cavatappi and the popular Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

For a limited time only, Noodles & Company will be featuring three savory dishes as part of their Winter World Tour.  The Thai Hot Pot includes a 30-ingredient curry broth made with a fresh cabbage blend, sprouts, Fresno peppers and shiitake mushrooms with a sprinkling of rice noodles and pulled chicken and naturally-raised pork.  The Alfredo MontAmore® consist of noodles tossed with a decadent four cheese blend, roasted mushrooms and grape tomatoes, spinach and Parmesan chicken. The Pork Adobo Flatbread features spicy Latin adobo flavors of toasted cumin and fire-roasted tomatoes, naturally raised pork, cheese and Fresno peppers toasted atop flatbread and finished with fresh lime and cilantro. 

Regular restaurant hours will be Monday through Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. For holiday hours, please call the restaurant directly at 815- 464-1775.

Local fans are also encouraged to join the Frankfort Noodlegram e-club. Noodlegram members receive news, offers and exclusive information on Grand Openings, VIP Events, seasonal specialties, giveaways and more. For more information on Noodles & Company, please visit www.noodles.com or check us out on Facebookand Twitter.  


Amy B H March 04, 2014 at 01:01 PM
While it's great that Frankfort is adding a new eatery to the area, my biggest complaint is that the plaza that was built by the Walgreens is crammed into such a small area that parking is an issue. In fact, there is not enough parking even for the new Mariano's grocery store nearby. It seems that everyone is concerned with keeping business's "downtown". We have a completely EMPTY plaza just north on LaGrange Rd. where Dominick's used to be. Why not address that problem, as to why business's can't make a go of it there? Rent too high? It's an eye sore to have an empty plaza that could and should be utilized! On a plus note, giving us more food options in Frankfort is always a plus.
Lenny Kravitz March 05, 2014 at 01:33 AM
That Dominick's strip mall is not a attractive because the undesirables from Mokena patronize. If YOU were to apply for a biz, there would be many requirements re parking, handicap spots, ingress/egress, unless of course, you purchased a variance.
Concerned March 08, 2014 at 10:23 AM
Who cares about noodle and co? You would think the village of Frankfort who is all about imagine would find a classier business for the most prestigious intersection in our town. It's like we live in Orland park. As for the parking it's a joke. The village stuff is doing a terrible job of planning and Devolopment. More empty store fronts throughout and now they are guys houses in downtown and tearing them down, but for what? You can no longer buy an affordable house in downtown Frankfort thanks to a staff that lives in Naperville. The village needs to stay out of the Devolopment game. Because they are awful at it. Paid over 2 million to buy, tear down fox lumber to put up a really dumb and ugly women's clothing shop. They sold a historic building (old police department) to a company a village trustee works for for less then $300,000. And waived all the building permits and fees. They bought a house surrounded by residential, tore it down and are going to change it to commercial, I'm sure the neighborhood just lives that. Get real Frankfort.
Amy B H March 10, 2014 at 09:27 AM
I agree with CONCERNED that our village should not be in the business of planning and development. Aurelio's didn't come back to downtown for a reason. Our village makes it difficult for business owners! We have a Subway and a Starbucks with no where to park. No room for a drive through! Stupid! The village won't let the Frankfort Walgreen's have an outdoor Netflix rental box for customers because it "looks bad". Yet, New Lenox does. The businesses along RT 30 in New Lenox is amazing. Good for the businesses and for the people of New Lenox. Meanwhile, we have nothing but a stuck in the 60's downtown and nowhere else seems to matter. Apparently some don't care about fixing the empty plaza problems. How about a nice high end outdoor mall like Oakbrook along RT 30? No reason to come to Frankfort to shop or to eat in my opinion. That's why we all go to Orland or New Lenox or elsewhere. Snobby and poor planning mentality of Frankfort. Harris Bank downtown empty for years! Care about ALL parts of Frankfort!! Get some real planners and developers hired.
DJK March 10, 2014 at 01:26 PM
Waaaay tooooo much going on in a space not designed for it. How about the parking lot maze around that area? Between Marianos, McDonalds, Walgreens and now Noodles, it should be interesting!! Poor planning. Never should have been built around the McDonalds. If we built a road & traffic signals for Marianos, I'm sure a deal could have been cut to build a McDonalds in a different location!! Talk about dining places, ever wonder why Enricos has not built a new place yet?


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