Readers Choice: Who Makes the Tastiest Steak in Orland and Tinley?

You’ve selected your favorite places for seared beef in Tinley Park and Orland Park. Now it’s time to choose your pick for Most Loved Steak between the two towns.

The Tinley Orland battle royale is upon us and the subject is steak.

Dedicated lovers of flamed cuts of beef in Orland Park chose as their choice for most loved steak.

And in Tinley Park, the votes, comments and listing reviewed went in favor of for most loved steak.

Now we want to know who makes your favorite steak in both Tinley Park and Orland Park. It’s a classic .

It’s up to you to decide with three options.

1. Vote in the poll below.

2. Visit the restaurants’ listings and leave a review.

3. Leave a comment below, vouching for your favorite beef griller.  

The poll will be weighted, and the reviews and comments play a big part in who wins, so there are a lot of ways to participate.

Voting, comments and listing reviews will be accepted until 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 2.

Here are the listings for the two steak slingers.

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