Orland Park 'Rock Bottom Brewery' Building Sold for $5.75 Million

East Coast-based Mascia Development has scooped up the Orland Park location of a well-known restaurant and bar chain. The restaurant will continue operating as Rock Bottom Brewery—same beer, same food, same menu.

Ownership of the Rock Bottom Brewery building has changed hands—but it will still be business as usual for the restaurant and bar at 16156 S. La Grange Rd. in Orland Park. Parent company Craftworks retains control of the brand, beer, and menu—customers will still see the same offerings from the local favorite.

The $5.75-million purchase marks the first in Illinois for New York-based Mascia Development LLC, a national real estate development and investment firm.

"I wish the market was still at ‘rock bottom,’ but in this case we believe we found an outstanding location at a great price that we plan to own for a long time,” said Mark Mascia, president and CEO, Mascia Development LLC. 

Orland Park's smart-growth planning and solid retail base—combined with the growing popularity of craft brews—drew Mascia to the location.

Mascia, LLC had been scouting locations in Orland Park for "a while", including places like Houlihan's. The strong brand behind Rock Bottom tipped the scale in its favor. The 9,500 square foot property is one of 30 locations owned by the parent company Craftworks Inc. 

"When we go into a new market, we like to follow an established brand," Mascia said.

“Orland Park is an amazing part of the Chicago metro market, and we are surrounded by great neighbors. ... This acquisition is part of our strategy to further diversify our holdings as we strive to become a recession-proof investment and development company.”

The company is also looking into purchasing property in proximity of the restaurant.

"We're hopeful some of the things we're working on will come to fruition," he said.

Customers can expect both the brand and location to stay much the same, Mascia said. 

"We bought it as a Rock Bottom, and we hope it will always be a Rock Bottom."

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JusticeLeague February 22, 2014 at 12:16 PM
They should open a Yard House in it's place. Delicious food, over 300 types of beer. Great place!
Bob Foster February 23, 2014 at 12:18 PM
I agree, I went to a Yard house in Hawaii and Loved it. Outstanding food and service. I dig Rock Bottoms too but if they decide to change Yard House would be an excellent choice.
Matt Aggen February 24, 2014 at 09:38 AM
We LOVE Rock Bottom over here. Great food and great beer. Having said this, this article is confusing. Why would a company sell one of their buildings only to turn around and lease it out? (I'm assuming this is what's going on since Rock Bottom is staying in the building.)
Pat Cannon February 25, 2014 at 05:24 PM
In this article they touch on Orlands smart growth....... every thing is in the wording ... like when our country changed secretary of War to secretary of Defense.. see how much nicer : ) sure we still bully and Kill Innocent people but it's in Defense.. to funny.. so now back to "" smart growth "" it's a term that they came up with during Agenda 21 meetings.. look into it , basically how to steer the tax payers in towns n city's to go along with hidden agenda's, it all started with the club of Rome, look it up as well..


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