Take a Tinley Park Bite out of National Waffle Week

From thick Belguims to crispy pizzelles, Patch finds the best waffles in your backyard. Well, not your physical backyard—that'd be kind of strange.

Soon after medieval cooks decided to press cake dough between two pieces of hot metal, they knew they were on to something pretty tasty.

Waffles have long been a breakfast favorite, taking various forms and flavors through the generations. Somehow, the second week of September has been officially designated as National Waffle Week.

What’s the best way to acknowledge this epicurean holiday? Let's stuff our faces and devour a platter of warm, crispy-on-the-edges, yet fluffy in the middle, patterned cakes. Patch found some of the best places in serving up these treats, so put away your waffle iron and Leggo That Eggo—it’s time to celebrate!

If you want thickest buttermilk Belgium-style waffle this side of Brussels, you’ve come to the right place. Ours came dressed in a medley of fruit and a light sprinkling of powdered sugar. Want it sweeter? No worries, as Ashford House offers different syrups including maple, strawberry and blueberry. Their waffles are cooked in a special waffle iron that flips, which browns waffles to uniform crispness.

Have trouble with gluten? You can still enjoy waffle week with Blackberry’s 100 percent gluten-free buttermilk waffles. Owner Gerry Frearney swears by Abundant Life Foods’ mix of rice and tapioca flours. He must be on to something as his waffles were soft and fluffy, a combination you don’t always get with gluten-free food.

If waffles personified had an Italian cousin, her name would be pizzelle. Yes, as in the crispy, multi-patterned wafer cookies so yummy you eat them by the boxful. Get them at Rubino’s in a variety of flavors including chocolate, lemon and anise.

Not sure who decided waffles also made great vessels, but we should thank them all the same. At Sam and Jake’s, waffle cones are made fresh on the premises. The batter is spread thinly and cooked in a waffle press, then immediately wrapped around a steel cone. Once cooled, the cones are embellished with melted chocolate, chocolate chips or sprinkles. Each cone is big and sturdy enough to hold three scoops of ice cream.

Whatever the form or flavor, don’t wait too long to get a taste of this battered treat—Waffle Week is almost over!

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