"What It Means To Be A Florist And Why"

Jo Ann Maloney, Owner of Classy Flowers, Best Irish Florist In Downtown Tinley Park. "Our Blossoms Deliver Smiles"

I’ve been in the floral business for almost 27 years and thought I’d share with all of you what is coming up in holidays and what they mean.  At the end of this article, I’ll be touching on some very important information that I’m sure you will appreciate as a consumer.  Enjoy your reading!

Bosses Day is always on October 16th.You can send something on this special day or if you forgot, it’s also considered Bosses Week.  Now here is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show the boss what you really think of him or her. And, to give your boss the appreciation that he or she truly deserves.   Plants and Flowers are always a nice gesture for that gift included with a nice card attached.  Bosses Day only comes around once a year.

Sweetest Day is always the Third Saturday, which this year is October 20th.  Now here is a day dedicated just for your sweetie. It exists as an opportunity for you to recognize that sweet and special someone.   It doesn’t matter who that person is, or what their relation is to you. They just have to be "sweet" in order to get a little recognition… Friends, family and lovers often give each other flowers, candy and cards on the Sweetest Day.  Like Valentine's Day, the Sweetest Day is associated with heart-shaped boxes, and the colors pink and red.
“A Personal Note” Sweetest Day is a large cash & carry holiday, although, since our first Sweetest Day experience began in the year 1986, many people still like that special delivery, and “Our Blossoms Deliver Smiles” truly gives the meaning of giving and receiving. Flowers are always a nice way of giving to someone you like.  Did you know that flowers give emotions?  Yes, different varieties and colors can set the moods of happiness and cheer!  You can give from the very simple to the most elaborate.  Professional Florists know exactly what to do and will guide you in the right direction There will be many different varieties of flowers and colors as well as plants all decorated up.  So many choices within all price ranges.  If roses are not in your budget, not to worry!  There are so many beautiful flowers from around the world available to you either with or without roses.  


  • *Make her/him feel special by sending flowers to their work.
  • *Have you ever heard of flowers being delivered to your favorite restaurant where you’ve made reservations?  Yes, we bring flowers right to the table so there will be a pleasant surprise when you arrive.
  • *Stop by the day before and select something special to take home & tuck away until early morning, surprising your other half with flowers to brighten the day with emotions.
  • *We can provide you with rose petals for a little extra romance!               

In closing, Sweetest Day can be like a mini Valentine’s Day. You may want to think ahead, call your special florist and place your order, although, walk-ins are always welcome!

Here are our Links in helping you understand and choose something special:


www.facebook.com/ClassyFlowers (LIKE our FB page to see beautiful flowers, knowledge we share as well as promotions)

Bosses Day Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzAXWn1Nykk&feature=player_detailpage

Sweetest Day Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS632UtlwT8&feature=player_embedded

Now for some education that every florist would like you to know about!  Besides the fact that all small businesses would love if each and every customer would shop Local and support the local businesses, it also keeps our tax dollars in our own communities which supports our schools, community services & much more! 
Something else to think about…Say you want to place an order over the internet for some flowers, no matter what the occasion is, keep in mind the tax dollars & local business lose out. That being said, there are many deals in all your advertising you receive in your newspapers, internet, emails, and your personal bills promoting big companies that want you to order flowers through them.  The problem with that is this: When you go through placing the order on their websites and get towards the end, you are asked to pay a service fee and most of the time it’s between $15-$20 average plus the cost of flowers & sometimes a delivery fee or a time scheduled fee.  The places these orders go to are sometimes outsourced to a different country and sometimes stays right here in the U.S. somewhere where that person may be in a cubicle of many operators that know nothing about the floral industry or at home in their pajamas.  Even when you think you’re saving money with coupons, you are not, and had you called your local florist, you may have been able to get an even better deal by shopping locally! The next thing that happens is the company you placed an order through will then send the order to your Local florist in your own community.  And guess what?  That Local Florist loses right off the top about 27% off the cost plus delivery fees not always included.  So it is not a win win situation for you, the consumer or the florist in your community.  Example:  Several months ago, we had a call from a lady that had a coupon and sent herself flowers.  She called the toll free number and placed the order.  The company sent the order to us through our wire service.  We filled the order to full value of what they gave us.  Customer calls and questions the value, she told us what she paid and we were shorted over $30 of what she paid for her order.  This my friends, is called Deceptive Order Gathering by some bad companies that are hurting many business people.  These companies are Order Gatherers where that’s all they do is collect orders & take percentages from your money before sending to a florist & taking more away from your local florist.  So beware of all the tricks. Because of these tactics, we no longer support wire services in our flower shop, our name and reputation is much more important to us.  Also, when you go to any local websites to search, there are some more bad things happening.  For instance, if you search for a florist in Tinley Park, find a local one you trust, click on their link to their website, chances are you will be re-directed to one of these Deceptive Order Gatherers sites without realizing it at first.  Just go back in two or three times and you won’t have that problem going to the correct site.  

We LOVE what we do and this is why Floristry has been our chosen profession in our lives.  We will keep sharing as much knowledge as we can to all that want to know and share with others.  Holidays are coming and I will post more ways to know how not to be deceived by companies that try to steal local business out of the communities.  I’m all about education and if anyone ever has any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at anytime.
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