Time to Overcome the Name "County of Crooks": 2nd Congressional Race

"One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are." - Cal Thomas

The 2nd Congressional District has been turning into a media frenzy.

Like many of us citizens from the District, we have concerns for the future. Everyone is throwing their hat in for the seat once held by Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

From candidates with big names and deep pockets to those seeking organizations help line up to run as our next representative in Washington D.C., I keep hearing the terms, "I want to go and work with President Obama on (insert any made up goal)", or prevent the Republicans from (insert any made up goal)".

My concern has been with so many candidates who live in the City of Chicago ready to represent not only their South Side Chicago neighborhood, but also represent South Suburban Cook County, Will and Kankakee County. Many are aware of the new map which expanded the district into Will and Kankakee County. Watching the media turn a camera to just about every person who announce, "I am running for Congress to serve for a better district," I have a simple question for these candidates: Where have you been over the years?

With the Illinois Government stating there is no money for schools, roads, bridges and health projects, it has become vital the pool of candidates come forth and tell the voters their goal. I am not impressed just because you served as an alderman of Chicago, statewide office etc. The City of Chicago is in disarray, Cook County is holding on and the State of Illinois is not paying their bills.

Speaking with many suburban Cook, Will and Kankakee citizens, the topic is "We don't want Chicago candidates running things here!" I would love to ask some of these candidates where is Burville Road in Crete, Church Street in Rural Beecher, or even Court Street in Kankakee. I strongly believe the district will end up with a candidate outside of Chicago's city limits. Now the questions come forth about who is the best candidate? I see the primary candidates coming out will be State Sen. Toi Hutchinson, former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson, former State Rep. David Miller and former State Rep. Robin Kelly and possibly State Senate-Elect Napoleon Harris on the Democratic side. On the Republican side, I'm not sure, outside of Kankakee candidate James Taylor (Republican) or if Brian Woodworth will try and run again. I have only heard rumors that independent candidate Marcus Lewis may attempt another run again. Please note independent candidates will need to come up with close to 15,000 signatures for this upcoming election.

This is the time for voters to ask these candidates some major questions on their plans if elected in office. How will these individuals assist in where the state has come up short in funding? Where do they stand on the controversial Peotone Airport? Will they support funding for mental health and medical emergency? Important and simple questions. Let's not allow evasive answers and the typical rhetoric.

I stated early on from the very beginning this election will be a free for all. Your thoughts?

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Tom December 14, 2012 at 02:07 AM
I agree with both of you on this matter. We definitely need someone from well out of the Chicago and hopefully outside the Cook County political machines to be our rep in Washington. If this doesn't happen we better buckle our seatbelts and pull them tight because this will be a long and bumpy ride as they cruise over people living out here.
mr lahey December 14, 2012 at 02:32 AM
does anyone possibly doubt our next rep will be a madigan chosen insider democrat likely a minority probably female (nothing wrong with either) from chicago area (roughly 25 percent of the district) who has no ties to anywhere south of 95th street another toe the line of liberal nonsense all talk do nothing soon to be indicted future footnote fine rep of Crook County
James Taylor December 15, 2012 at 01:09 PM
If elected I have no intention to be a rubber stamp for anyone! I do believe that the future of the district can and should be a bright one filled with job opportunities and safe neighborhoods but this can only be accomplished with true voter interest in what is best for the district's future. This idea of supporting individuals like Jackson Jr. just because of name recognition and not due to the works they have done to improve the quality of life in the towns and neighborhoods of the district is in my opinion, sickening. I would hope that community groups would take a more active role in setting the agendas and stay involved after the election. Often people get all hot and bothered prior to elections and once they votes are totaled, they often go on about their business and the politicians run wild feeling they are not accountable to anyone. Things like political leaders and their families living like kings on the public dole. You know, buying $40,000 Rolex watches and million dollar homes in Washington and that sort of garbage. If I am elected I plan to donate half of my salary to be divided equally between Ceasefire in Chicago and Kankakee County Youth Intervention Agency both anti violence and pro family groups dedicated to helping our youth find positive alternatives to gangs and gang violence. I also promise not to seek a second term as I simply want to help set the table for community participation in the governing process.
NotBuyingIt December 15, 2012 at 04:09 PM
James, I wish all public servants had the same selfless attitude with regard to your service to community and your commitment to not use your office as a way to enrich yourself as so many politicians do.
Dinkum December 16, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Yes, I have a few thoughts. Candidates may earn my support by emphasizing personal freedom while maintaining personal responsibility. Share plans for less government, lower taxes, and more personal freedom. Here are a few specifics: Jobs - reduce regulations and taxes on business/industry. Government doesn't create jobs, companies do. Get rid of the minimum wage law (see below). Roads - begin to privatize them. See examples in CA and IN. Schools - engage parents in the funding process. Support a true market in education by providing more choice. Equal pay - let the market dictate what compensation is afforded someone. If you want to tackle a pay issue, get rid of the minimum wage law. See "Report on Minimum Wage Study Commission" or "The State Against Blacks". I submit these ideas knowing full well none of them will given serious attention by any D2 candidate. For even though they have merit, it will not get them elected. What gets you elected in D2 (check the history), all hopes and promises aside, is your party affiliation, your race, and your face.


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