Tinley Olympian Dives Into Trials; Hooters Candidate Competes for Crown

Check out some of the names recently making headlines. One is Christine Magnuson, who starts swimming time trials for the Summer Olympics today and the other is a candidate for Miss Hooters International, who competed in a beauty pageant June 23.

Tinley Native Goes for Gold

Summer Olympic time trials start today for medalist Christine Magnuson, who was born and raised in .

The 26-year-old is vying for a spot on the 2012 Summer Olympic U.S. swimming team. Her family and friends will be looking on from the stands today in Omaha, NE, at the Century Link Center.

"It's kind of one of those weird things," said Magnuson, who earned two silver medals in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China—one in the 100-meter butterfly and one in the four-by-100 meter medley. "I'm sure I'll be a little bit nervous when I get there. Obviously, you hope for the best."

The longtime swimmer—a graduate of  and later, the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga—said she's only going to continue her professional swimming career if she qualifies for the next Olympic team. 

"The mental preparation is just a important as the physical," she said. "I've enjoyed swimming my entire career and if the Olympic trial is going to be last meet, I want to enjoy it with my friends. … I've done everything I can to put myself in the game. That's really all you can do."

, and stay with Patch for updates on her progress throughout the coming weeks. Time trials are televised each night on NBC. 

Area Woman Seeks Hooters Honor

 alumnus Jessica Hauss faced off against 100 other beauties over the weekend for the title of Miss Hooters International.

Although the 2012 crown was given to candidate Amanda Jemini, Hauss, 19, represented the area well. An Oak Forest resident who works at the Hooters in Orland Park, she didn't have a shred of modeling experience before being chosen for the contest.

The Miss Hooters International is awarded annually to one Hooters Girl during the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant. During her reign Jemini will be the official spokesperson and personality for Hooters, according to the company's website

"Girls all over the world would love to be where I am," Hauss said, of the Hooters experience. "I just really think all my hard work and dedication paid off."


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