Using Energy Healing to Let Go of the Past

Is the past keeping you from achieving your goals? Learn why and where this tendency comes from, and what tool you might use to let the past go.

, I recommended that you begin to examine who you truly are and what you want in your life by answering a series of questions. 

The next step was to take a look at negative self-talk, which consists of limiting thoughts and beliefs. These messages often hold you back and prevent you from living the life of your dreams.

Emotions and thoughts that are negative do not arise by themselves. They are often the result of childhood situations that caused you to make decisions about yourself and the world around you. For children this might include being told by a teacher that they were “lazy,” being teased or bullied at the playground, being yelled at by a parent or relative for making a mistake and being told that you were “stupid,” or “worthless,” “ugly,” or “shy.”

These early beliefs, values and decisions you made about yourself then become stuck or frozen in your subconscious. They exist in the electrical system of your body and permeate every cell on an energetic level. If you’re looking for insight into how these feelings affect your energy, cutting-edge neuroscientist Dr. Robert Scaer reveals even more information about how our body and brain handle trauma in his book, The Body Bears the Burden.

Donna Eden, energy medicine matriarch, and author of the best-selling book Energy Medicine, also has discussed this topic in her work.

 “These early beliefs and values become embedded into our subconscious mind and psyche,” according to Eden.

They seem to convey the meaning and firm conviction of absolute truth. This affects the person’s deepest perspectives about themselves and about the meaning of life. 

Even as an adult, your subconscious is still sending you this information about yourself from childhood as if this was your current reality. The adult situations that might promote this negative self-talk might be a sudden financial or job loss, being turned down for a promotion, or finding out about a partner’s infidelity. 

The original trauma is then re-triggered, and we can almost hear the voices of a teacher, parent or bully saying, ‘You are stupid.’ ‘You are not good enough.’ ‘No one likes you.’

Studies show that when we are re-triggered, we respond to the new trigger as if we were children experiencing the original trauma. For example, if a bully used to traumatize you on the playground when you were 5-years old, you may then respond to a current trauma with the coping skills of a 5-year old. 

Initiating shifts in these deep beliefs, habits, and states of mind can be challenging, even if we are determined. While cognitive therapy with traditional psychotherapists can be very helpful in creating awareness, it does not release the blocked energy from the original trauma. 

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a form of energy healing called energy psychology that I use successfully in my practice and in my own life, can release this blocked energy and restore harmony. I often combine EFT with energy medicine as I like to work on both the body and the psyche to remove energy blocks. 

It has been called “acupuncture for the emotions.” This technique works by tapping on acupressure points on the surface of the skin while focusing on negative thoughts, beliefs or emotions. As a result, the blocked energy is cleared and released due to the traumatic situations, whether from childhood or from our adult life. 

Our brain’s electrochemistry is shifted quickly and feelings of freedom, relief, joy, and connection are experienced as our energy system is rebalanced, replenished and returned to wholeness.

averil25 March 31, 2011 at 03:36 AM
Energy healing is one of the alternative methods used to identify and eliminate the root causes of our body’s discomfort especially pain. Another ways of energy healing is the Yuen method. This is helpful in alleviating my physical and emotional ailments. There are times that the treatments we choose provide us beneficial effect, but some of them have temporary relief. In Yuen method, it can help identify the root causes of the discomforts. These are the negative life experience that is stored in our body as energetic blocks. By giving simple command DELETE, we can eliminate the root causes permanently. So when we are connected with the previous experiences, we can no longer feel negative manifestations. And it is possible that the pain can be alleviated. Here are some video resources with learning tips that demonstrate the benefits of energy medicine, http://www.chineseenergetics.com/Energy-Medicine/
Amy Reissner April 07, 2011 at 03:03 PM
Hi Averil, There are many wonderful energy modalities that can be used to release blockages that keep us from feeling our best. Donna Eden's Energy Medicine is based upon ancient oriental principles of healing, including our body's discomfort from pain. I have found combining Eden Energy Medicine and the Emotional Freedom Technique extremely efficacious in getting to the root cause of issues, including the initial trauma that, for many, become stuck in the body since childhood. Any challenging experience in life coupled with stress can cause energetic changes/blockages in the body that pave the way towards a genetic predisposition becoming a reality! You may have heard the saying from Caroline Myss, a well-known voice in the field of energy healing, that our biography becomes our biology! That is why I am such an advocate of prevention and using tools like the 5 minute Donna Eden Energy Routine to keep my energy and immune system functioning at peak levels! Thank you for sharing another method of energy healing with us! I look forward to hearing from you again! To your health!


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