Wanted: Pedestrian path on 80th ave bridge over I-80

Having a separated path alongside the bridge, as well as a sidewalk/bike path extension along the entire stretch of 80th ave, would allow bikers, joggers, walkers, non-vehicle commuters, travelers, and others who use their feet to be active and travel, to stay safe when crossing the bridge. Time and time again, I've seen people, kids and adults, some with dogs or small children, cling to the side of the bridge to keep as far away from the vehicles passing by, some of which find it a game to swerve their car at the pedestrian. With a safe path on the bridge, and a designated pedestrian path along the main stretches of 80th (as well as 191st, but that's for another time), it would encourage citizens of Tinley Park and Frankfort Square who live nearby to travel by foot or bike, for pleasure or errand, along 80th and to live an active life.
Mary Kirby January 18, 2014 at 09:55 AM
they should do this as well as widen the thing


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