'Ex-Military' Man Threatens 71-Year-Old Woman, Others in Drunken Parking Lot Encounter

Police issued the man, who lives in Tinley Park, three assault charges.

Kenneth Barnett, 58, of the 6400 block of 180th Street, Tinley Park, accused of screaming at and punching the car windows of a man in a parking lot, then threatening the man's three sisters, was charged with three counts of assault.

Barnett was almost hit while the man was pulling into a parking spot at the lot on 17302 Oak Park Avenue at about 10:40 p.m. May 4, police said.

Barnett, who police described as drunk, also advanced on the man’s three sisters – ages 53, 60 and 71 – threatening to "Punch your _____ face in," when they yelled at him to stop or they would pepper spray him, police said.

The sisters had been traveling in a separate car as they and their brother planned to eat dinner following a wake, police said.

Barnett kept repeating his military service to both the women (adding "I'm ex-military. You wanna _____ with me?") and to police when they arrested Barnett at his home later that night, police said.

Barnett posted $1,000 bond later that night, police said. His next court date is May 23 in Bridgeview.


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