Mokena Family Sues Metra Over Fatal Crash

The family of Samira Baker, 19, who died after a Metra train struck her car in June, is suing Metra for negligence, Sun-Times Media reports.

The family of a Mokena woman killed when a Metra train struck her car is suing, Sun-Times Media reports.

Samira Baker, 19, died when a train inbound from Joliet struck her car on the tracks near 191st and LaGrange Road June 13 around 10 p.m. Her father, Kaled Baker, is claiming negligence on Metra's part, according to the report. The complaint was filed in Will County Court Thursday. 

Initial findings indicate that Baker's 1999 Nissan Altima was inside the crossing gates as the train approached. The engineer spotted the 1999 four-door Nissan and attempted to brake, throwing the engine into "emergency" mode, according to Metra spokeswoman Meg Reile. Metra said the gates were down and warning lights were flashing.


Witnesses reported that the car came to rest inside the gates—but clear of the tracks—before the gates were lowered. The car then slowly began rolling forward, onto the tracks. Witnesses told police they blared their horns in an attempt to warn the driver, as the train barreled toward the car at a reported 70 mph. But to no avail. The car was struck as it reached the second track.  

Baker graduated from a week before her death. 


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Billy Joe July 14, 2012 at 05:40 AM
No body said nuttin. We wuz just typeeng stuff on da 'puter. Whudya hear? Meybe ifnn youse don't lik whut ppl are a writtin,dont read it ?
Cindy July 14, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Thats exactly my point Jill...she only looked one way..moved forward and got hit..
Cindy July 14, 2012 at 03:47 PM
My second point being..the sensor for the gates to come down needs to be further down the tracks...to give those who do get caught plenty of time to get out of there.
jayjay July 16, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I also thought suicide. But she could have left her car and ran. I would have it is just a car and everything inside can be replaced. I am very familiar with the tracks also and they are wider then most but she also could have just been texting and not paying attention.
Sara September 13, 2012 at 08:48 PM
As a friend of her I am appalled by the fact that anyone could think that this is could even be suicide. Samira is an energetic, loving person that puts others before herself, and I say is and that because I know wherever she is she continues to do the same. I feel awful saying this but she wasn't very bright and I know she panicked, she would tend to freeze up everytime something would happen and I know this is what happen. So if you don't know her don't comment on her death. It's not only disrespectful to her but to her family and friends. You don't know what we are going through so do us all a favor and take your brain out of your ass and have some sympathy.


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