Hamill Headed Back to Court With New Attorney

Dawn Hamill, the owner of Dazzle's Painted Pastures Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, has a hearing scheduled for Thursday, according to Cook County Circuit Court records.

Though details weren't immediately clear, the owner of a Tinley Park animal rescue convicted of violating her duties will be back in a Markham courtroom on Thursday, Oct. 18.

Cook County Circuit Court records show that Dawn Hamill, 43, filed a motion to substitute an attorney in the case. Hamill is scheduled to appear in Judge Anna Helen Demacopolous' court.


It is unknown if Purav Bhatt, the attorney who had been representing her, is no longer working on the case. Bhatt was not immediately available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Hamill was charged with eight misdemeanor counts of violating owner's duties and two counts of animal cruelty in connection to the condition animals were found in during a a on Painted Pastures. Eight puppies were reportedly found in cold, filthy conditions, leading to her Sept. 14 conviction of the violation of owner's duties charges. The animal cruelty charges she was acquitted on were related to a miniature horse and Himalayan cat found dead on the property.

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She was sentenced on Oct. 2 and ordered to serve a year of probation, enroll in a 30-day county work program and pay $8,000 in fines. Demacopolous also ordered that Hamill surrender all but up to five personal animals pending a psychological evaluation. A day after sentencing, the Animal Welfare League removed animals from Hamill's property.

Hamill was scheduled to return to court on Nov. 8 for status. It was not immediately confirmed what prompted Thursday's hearing.

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Dina October 19, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Where the heck does she come up with all this money for Attorney's? I certainly hope NO ONE is giving her ANY donations for her so called Sanctuary !!! Don't understand why she thinks she deserves to have ANY ANIMALS.It was proven that she was guilty.Quit wasting the courts time and tax payers money.
Morgan Jones October 19, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I totally agree. These were misdemeanors but have as much weight as a felony. She was supposed to rescue and save animals. Instead animals died and lived miserably under her care. She ought to be ashamed of herself. I really do not think she is mentally stable. Only someone who is not in control of their mental bearings would think its ok for her to have animals. Has she even undergone her psych evaluation? I do not think a shrink would deem it reasonable for her to own an animal. She is a manipulator who will likely see her own shrink and have them write to the courts that she needs a therapy dog for her mental illness. When will people own up to their wrongdoings and pay the piper? If she loves animals so much, she can volunteer at the zoo or circus.


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