Victoria's Secret Letter Alerted 95-Year-Old Woman to Identity Theft

An identity thief with a taste for lingerie targeted a Tinley Park woman, according to police.

A woman in her 90s living in Tinley Park discovered her identity was stolen after receiving a letter refusing to extend the limit on a Victoria's Secret credit card.

The 95-year-old woman's son, who also lives in Tinley Park, contacted police after learning about the letter and about a Citi MasterCard in her mother's name that had a $5,200 balance, according to a report. He told police that credit card had not been used since Jan. 31, 2011, when the old card expired.

A letter sent to the woman from Victoria's Secret state that it was denying a request to increase the limit on a credit card with the lingerie store, according to a Tinley Park police report. The notice state that the account was opened too recently to warrant an increase.

The woman's son contact the agencies that supplied the credit cards and informed them about the fraud, the report states. He told police that he only wanted the incidents documented.


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