Local Man Sits on Train Tracks to Reattach Prosthetic Leg

Police said a Tinley Park man popped a squat last week on a set of downtown train tracks, where he was found trying to reattach his prosthetic leg. Metra police were called to the scene because he was preventing a train from leaving.

A local man was taken into custody last week after reportedly found him sitting on the train tracks trying to reattach his prosthetic leg.

Formal charges for the 51-year-old resident of the 17100 block of Oleander Avenue were not listed in the police report. It does note, however, that he was taken around 6 p.m. March 28 to "Metra lockup" in Blue Island. Police said the man was "sitting in the middle of the train tracks on the north side of a stopped train" near the 6700 block of South Street near downtown . 

Officers were initially called to the area—adjacent to the —for a complaint that the man had been banging on the side of the train to prevent it from pulling away. 

He was not injured and refused medical help, police said. They led him to a nearby bench, where he was snagged by Metra police. The incident was listed as "alcohol related," according to the police report.

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