Man Impersonates Grandson in Attempt to Scam Elderly Woman

A stranger claiming to be the grandson of a Frankfort resident called her home to request an international money transfer.

An elderly Frankfort resident recently received a telephone call from a stranger claiming to be her grandson, Frankfort Police say.

The Frankfort Police Department sent out a FREE Network email alert about the incident, which was reported on Jan. 24.

The woman told police that a young man called her home and impersonated her grandson. The unknown man told her that he and his friends were in another country and had been arrested for drug-related reasons. He said that they didn’t have any drugs, but needed bond money.

The man then asked her to transfer money to a foreign bank account.

The woman realized that she was being scammed, and did not conduct the transfer.

However, police say that the incident is alarming, because the scammer knew the woman’s name, address and the name of her grandson.

Police say that telephone scams are becoming increasingly common and caution Frankfort residents against ever giving out personal information over the phone. Residents with questions regarding the incident are encouraged to contact the Frankfort Police Department at 815-469-9435.

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Hendrick Von Lichtenstein January 25, 2013 at 05:33 PM
She should have said - "sure. I'll wire it directly to the police station to pay your fine- you can pick it up there. BTW- how come you never write or stop by for my homemade cookies, druggie?"
Cheffrey January 25, 2013 at 07:02 PM
happened to my grandmother in plainfield last year!
Michael Dwells January 26, 2013 at 10:36 AM
That sounds like the scam I found at http://callercenter.com/347-535-1494.html. What amazes me is the fact that the earliest complaint was lodged way back April 2011 and it's still operating until now.
Granny Gruntz January 26, 2013 at 04:38 PM
*I live in Frankfort. *I had a call similar to this a few years ago. *The caller identified himself as "my favorite grandson". *Stated he "was in trouble", etc. *I asked a few A leading questions...*And think the caller realized I was on to him...*WHICH I WAS!...and the caller quietly hung up. *A friend of mine in Sun City, AZ, had received a similar call back in mid-2000s. *So these calls are nothing new...*EXCEPT NOW there is even so much more info on individuals via Face Book, Space Book - and whatever "social media" sites that seem to be continually popping up. *I do NOT understand WHY people put so much personal info on these social media networds? DUH-H-H-!! *It is NOT necessarily "old folks" who are gullible!! *ALSO - there are the emails from a friend saying that they are in some foreign country, have been arrested or some kind of trouble...and NEED MONEY IMMEDIATELY!!! *DUH-H-H-H-H!!! **ALSO - I have a small "piercing alarm" gadget - AND when I receive the "Rachel/Heather/Anne" calls to "help" me lower the interest rate on my credit card debt (of which I have none), I press "1" and when the "live" representative answers - I LET THEM HAVE A SOUND OF MY PIERCING ALARM RIGHT INTO THEIR HEADSET!! *Doesn't stop the calls - HOWEVER - sure does give me a lot of satisfaction!! Granny Gruntz P.S. I may be old - but still a little savvy in my "dotage".
Granny Gruntz January 26, 2013 at 04:55 PM
*FURTHER NOTES FROM GRANNY...PAY ATTENTION!!! *ALSO - the Do Not Call Agency is a BIG JOKE! *I have been so listed for about a decade. **TO NO AVAIL! *In order for a "telemarketer" to get a list of phone numbers that are NOT to be called - *The telemarketer has to PAY A SUBSCRIPTION FEE to the Do Not Call Agency to receive the "do not call list"! **DUH-H-H-H-H-!!! *Check it out. *Go to the Do Not Call Agency website and and on the "menu" list is a line to check for the telemarketer to "subscribe". *Granny's philosophy is "I takes my chances wen I ansurs the phone...AN' y'all takes yore chances when youn's calls me!" *Iffen y'all doan has yoreself sum kind ov a LOUD NOISE MAKER - OPENS YORE MOUTH and SCREEM!! ;-)


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