Man Threatens to 'Blow up' Local Loan Business

Police said that last week, an employee at a Tinley Park business got a call that scared her.

An employee at a loan business said she received a threatening phone call last week after trying to collect a $623 debt owed to the company.

The employee said she called a female customer at two different phone numbers and left a voicemail requesting a call back. Within minutes, she got a call from a man telling her the loanee was out of town and to "quit calling," according to the report.

"The male caller then went on a rant for several minutes, stating that if she didn't stop calling, he would go to the business and beat the s--- out of her, that he would blow up the business," the report said. "The caller continued, informing (the victim) that he knew (she) worked alone and knew the closing time of the business when she would be leaving."

Although the victim didn't want to pursue a criminal complaint, she asked that the incident be documented. Police did not identify a suspect in the case.

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