'Ashford House 5' Attacker Thanks Fans for 'Keeping Him Sane' While in Prison

John Tucker says fans of his attack on white supremacists buoyed his spirits with "letters" and "cosmetics."

John Tucker
John Tucker

TINLEY PARK, IL — One of five men who stormed a suspected white supremacist group at Ashford House in Tinley Park in 2012 has a few words for supporters now that he's out of prison.

John Tucker, of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, served 20 months for mob action, armed violence, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property in the Ashford House attack. Tucker and cohorts Cody Sutherlin, Dylan Sutherlin, Alex Stuck, and Jason Sutherlin burst into the restaurant and set upon the white supremacists with bats, axe handles, batons and hammers.

Tucker, via a blog, thanked supporters, telling them their letters "were things of beauty to eyes forced to view the despair of a broken system day after day and eyes that could not help but watch as any glimmer of hope faded from so many youths as they were dehumanized by the tortuous conditions in which they were forced to dwell." 

He went on to write how "a parcel of food here or some cosmetics there so often mean the difference between another night spent hungry or unclean and a good night’s rest, and never doubt the weight of one’s spirit in a time of need.

Your constant stream of letters and cards not only kept myself sane, but also gave tangible, physical proof of solidarity which revealed the tremendous weight of the conviction of people from the real world who likewise are willing to make a stand against the far too often accepted evils of the world, to an incarcerated populace who had often not heard of such people before. 

"... A support network populated by good-hearted, noble people who have often suffered first hand under the weight of unchecked and unopposed malice."

Tucker is the second of the five to be released. Cody, Dylan and Jason Sutherlin remain incarcerated.

The five men pleaded guilty in January 2013 against the advice of their own attorneys who believed they could win at trial. The men, however, weren't willing to risk additional time behind bars if they were to prepare for trial and then lose.
Judith February 15, 2014 at 03:11 PM
There are so many comments on this thread that state Patch should not give this new item any more play, that they shouldn't report anything else about it, that they shouldn't have reported it in the first place, that I can't help but wonder why there are so many people who advocate censorship.
Larry February 15, 2014 at 05:37 PM
And don't forget, when you mention ,BLACK- PANTHERS, don't forget our dearly beloved BOBBBBBY RUSH, He was part of that organization back in the day!!!
John T February 15, 2014 at 07:44 PM
They are bigger criminals that the supremist
Harry Callahan February 15, 2014 at 07:47 PM
@Lauren Thank You.
Jay Jonah Jameson February 18, 2014 at 11:43 PM
@Megan , please reread the article. The attackers weren't the racists. The attackers beat up the members of a meeting of racists. Violence isn't the answer, I agree. Try comprehending the article before spouting 'God Bless the innocent victims'.


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