Owner of Pit Bull Fined Over Attack at Vet Clinic

The owner of a rescue seeking a home for Buddy was fined for the attack.

The owner of a pit bull that bit two vet techs at a Tinley Park clinic was fined $250 for the attack.

Shannon Smith of Furever Rescue was ticketed for the bites during the Feb. 21 encounter. 

A hearings officer determined Wednesday that while she did not allow a dangerous animal to run free in the village, "it's clear that the dog is dangerous," Tribune Reports.

"Buddy" bit one vet tech in the face, and another woman on both arms, and clients present that day stated, "there was blood everywhere" following the attack inside Veterinary Clinic of Tinley Park, 17745 S. Oak Park Ave. Officials decided against fining Smith the full $750, as many have stated the dog had not previously displayed aggression.

The dog was removed from his foster's keeping following the violent encounter. His fate will be determined during a "vicious dog hearing" in Cook County Circuit Court. 

The dog's foster dad has petitioned Tinley Park police and Cook County to save their beloved family member. 

"We love this guy and don't want to lose him" wrote Buddy's foster dad Anthony Concialdi in the petition to "Let Buddy Come Home. "Cook County wants him destroyed. I am willing to accept any restrictions that may be imposed on the condition of his release. I will build whatever fence, post any sign, use a muzzle in public and with all future vet visits. Whatever it takes."

Concialdi has stated that should Buddy be freed, they fully intend to adopt him. 

"Despite all he has been through, he is still happy, polite and listens very well. All he needs is a tennis ball and a few treats and he is happy," Concialdi wrote. 

A hearing date has not yet been set.

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Sartre April 08, 2014 at 09:27 AM
Oh, BTW, I find being bit in the face or mauled to be somewhat disrespectful.
Larry April 08, 2014 at 09:32 AM
Well, Sarte, your Ignorance and opinion of animals is true, I get along with people just fine, I deal with the public every day my friend, I help people and they APPRECIATE what I do, you need to visit an animal shelter and see all the animals that need a home. Some that have to be put down because their time is up.
Baby RN April 08, 2014 at 01:07 PM
Sartre, as my name states I work with babies, and not any babies, I work with critically ill babies. I am there with the infant for his or her long first 8 months in the hospital. Fighting for that baby to make it home. Then other days at a family's side when they take their baby off of life support. So please do not explain compassion of humans to me. I advocate for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Buddy cannot tell his side of the story. It is not his fault that he was born a pit, just as it isn't your fault what race, sex, etc you are. You have been brainwashed into thinking pits are vicious creatures and they are not. Stop believing everything you hear and actually think for yourself. Meet a pit. Like Larry suggested, go to a rescue or shelter and see how many pits are in there. Shelters have so many of these gentle fur balls, because people like you are terrified of them for no reason. If in the shelter they show signs of aggression, they are put down. So you can't say that those on the floor are dangerous. Now, no one here is denying that Buddy bit someone or 2 someones, but we are saying that he was terrified. Like I previously stated, the vet's office is a scary place for animals, and head wounds bleed like crazy. Does anyone know the actual wounds the vet suffered? Was it a nip? Did she require 2 stitches or 100s? Will she require plastic surgery? This information has not been released. The vet is not going to comment most likely due to the fact that she is going to sue the family or her office. And that is fine. But if she was brutally mauled, like so many of you pit haters imagined, then why isn't it all over the news? Because it is most likely a minor injury, and I truly hope for everyone's sake that it is. Oh and if anyone was wondering, I slept great last night knowing that most people are too afraid of my sweet pups to try to burglarized my home. ;)
Larry April 08, 2014 at 01:34 PM
I at times have to bring LOST-PIT-BULLS etc. etc. and other dogs to Chicago-Ridge animal welfare. I don't like to take them there but some dog owners are Irresponsible and if the dog doesn't have a micro chip, or a name tag with a phone number we have no other choice. I always leave there hoping that their owners call and claim their dog or someone nice adopts them, no one wants to see a dog put down over STUPIDITY! Remember an animal unlike us can't communicate when something is bothering them. I till this day always tell people with children, no matter how much you trust a dog never leave the dog alone with a child, that child can aggravate any animal and the animal's only reaction can be to turn on them. So Pit-Bulls do get a Bad rap due to a few that have problems, but any breed can have the same results!!!
Cat April 08, 2014 at 06:40 PM
I prefer pit bulls over people any day.


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