Pedestrian Struck by Truck Is Student At Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School

Witness says girl looked confused crossing busy intersection of 93rd Street and Southwest Highway and did not see truck coming. Severely injured girl taken to Christ Hospital.

A student from was struck by a pickup truck while crossing the intersection of 93rd Street and Cicero Avenue Thursday morning.

official confirmed that the injured pedestrian was an eighth-grade student at the middle school, which was having an awards ceremony Thursday morning.

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The severely injured girl, said to be around 13, resides in Hometown, and had apparently missed the school bus. She was taken to where she is said to be in stable condition.

said the girl was walking across Southwest Highway from north to south on the west side of Cicero Avenue at approximately 8:13 a.m. when she was struck by the pickup truck that was traveling eastbound on 93rd Street. Police said the driver of the pickup truck was still on the scene when they arrived.

A man who witnessed the accident from his car while he was stopped in traffic facing southbound on Cicero Avenue, said it looked like the girl became confused crossing the intersection.

“She got into the turning lane and jumped back like she knew she made a mistake,” Kevin Kaplan said. “She just started across the intersection like she was going to make a run for it. The truck never even saw her."

Although the girl did not see the truck coming toward her, Kaplan and the woman in the car next to his both did.

“I was screaming in my car, ‘no,’” Kaplan said. “I could see the truck coming and the girl running. The woman in the car next to me, we were both looking at each other, yelling 'no.' She was hysterical.”

The impact of the truck knocked the girl airborne over the intersection to the east side of Cicero Avenue.

Kaplan got of his car and went to the girl’s aid but “she was not in good shape.” The driver of the pickup truck, a man in his thirties, was “pretty shaken up,” Kaplan said.

“I went over and gave him a hug when I left” he added.

The father of a 12-year-old daughter, Kaplan said he couldn’t get Thursday morning’s events out of his mind.  

Dist. 123 officials said that counselors would be available Friday morning for students at the middle school. Graduation exercises for eighth-grade students are next week.

Late Thursday afternoon, a friend of the injured girl left her a message on Patch:

“Please be okay stay strong, ill keep you in my prayers ... me and O.L.H.M.S miss you.”

Xiomara Salinas May 27, 2012 at 01:14 AM
R.I.P Kaylah All of O.L.H.M.S will miss your Your in our prayers
Mary Ann Kosiak May 27, 2012 at 09:56 PM
My prayers go out to Kaylah's family If I can .do anything to help just let me know. Mary Ann Kosiak Personal Injury Attorney 773-472-6511 Ad
kathleen patricia fricano May 29, 2012 at 01:28 AM
My family and I are praying for Kaylah and her family. she will be missed by many people god bless her!
oak.lawn.girl. May 29, 2012 at 04:04 AM
hi mary.. before i say anything i would just like to say this is my opinion.. well i know you are trying to help kaylah's family but it is just very rude to advertise your buisness on a story of a girl that had sadly died in a tradgic way.. but that is just my opinion i hope you dont take this harsh.
oak.lawn.girl. May 29, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Rest In Peace Kaylah Lentine you and your family will always be in my heart


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