South Suburban Cops Take Aim at Home Burglaries

A series of possibly related home burglaries this month has police in Tinley Park, Orland Park and Frankfort sharing information in order to catch the suspects.

Since the end of last year, Tinley Park, Orland Park and Frankfort have seen a series of home break-ins that have law enforcement concerned and working together. Although they won't know if they're all related until they have a suspect or are able to link forensic evidence, said Tinley Park Chief Steve Neubauer, they are certainly investigating that possibility.

"We're looking at everything and working with other communities, but there are a lot of these types of things going on in Metro Chicago," he added.

These are the home burglaries that have been reported so far:

Tinley Park

Orland Park

Jan. 15: Two burglaries were reported—the 18000 block of John Charles Drive and an adjacent house on Voss Drive—and investigators believe they might have happened within an hour of each other. One of the residents was home taking a shower at the time and saw the burglars leave.


Jan. 20: Six houses were burglarized on this day—the 7200 block of Southwick Court; the 22600 block of Stanford Drive; the 8300 block of Brookhaven Drive; the 7300 block of Southwick Drive; the 7200 block of Southwick Drive; and the 22500 block of Parkview Lane.

The break-ins also have shared these similarities:
  • forced entry through a garage service or other outside door
  • suspects went straight to the master bedroom
  • jewelry and small electronics have been targeted
  • the burglaries have happened in the afternoon or early evening
  • except for one case, the residents haven't been home

Investigators from the departments have talked to one another about these cases, and information has been shared with other agencies, too, said Frankfort Deputy Chief Kevin Keegan. Police use an electronic bulletin system to share information with other departments across the country, which can result in a tip on a possible suspect or a lead in the case, Keegan added.

Tinley Park police say the following vehicles might have been used in the burglaries:
  • a white box truck
  • a silver pick-up truck with a ladder sticking out from the bed
  • a dark-colored Toyota Corolla

The villages of Tinley Park and Frankfort both sent out alerts about the burglaries to their residents, asking them call 911 to report any suspicious activity. 

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