Your Car Will Feel My Vengeance: Weird Crime 2012

Dollars and nonsense • Mom's car is your car • This fist through your car window in the nudie bar parking lot is me showing how much I care ... Weird Crime in the Southland 2012.

We don't take criticism very well, have a few trust issues and have difficulty expressing our feelings in a constructive manner in these reports from the Patch files. But why must the cars always suffer?

You Can't Put a Price on Love: A 19-year-old Chicago Heights woman, displeased with her 20-year-old boyfriend's money management skills, came home in October to find her clothes shredded and several of her electronic devices broken. The boyfriend left, but not before all four tires of the woman's car were flattened. Apparently, anger management is another underdeveloped skill. On Chicago Heights Patch

Baby, You Can Drive My Car: In October, a 27-year-old Chicago Heights woman lent her mom's car to her 39-year-old boyfriend in October, who left and didn't bring hit back. The woman told police her mom didn't know the car was gone. On Chicago Heights Patch

Gentlemen Prefer Bail Bonds: "Chicago's premier upscale gentleman's club" apparently couldn't make a gentleman out of 22-year-old Nicholas A. Ferguson of New Lenox in August. Ferguson's girlfriend was trying to leave Club 390 on Joe Orr Road after arguing with Ferguson when he shattered the passenger window of her car with his fist, according to police. Club 390 security held him until police arrived and hauled him off to jail.

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