Bolingbrook Father Petitions Village to 'Stop the Violence'

A break in a fence line between a subdivision and townhomes is a "gateway for persons involved in criminal activity," the petition says.

A Bolingbrook man has launched an online petition to close an opening in a fence line between his neighborhood and the subdivision of townhomes on Fernwood Drive. 

Christopher Montrose has garnered 123 supporters so far on his online petition. He's looking for 200 total. 

Read the full petition on Change.org

Montrose is a single father of four who lives on Harwood Drive. The street dead ends behind Rocket Ice Arena, abutting Lot O of Fernwood Drive. 

He writes on Change.org that on Sept. 15, someone tossed his 15-inch high cement statue through his children's bedroom window.

"Seconds later, (he heard) the blood curdling scream of my own children and then them running out of their room...Unfortunately, glass was thrown through the room and into the hallway. And on top of that, now I have children afraid of their own bedroom."

Montrose writes that the opening in the fence line is "a gateway for persons involved in criminal activity." Montrose and those commenting on the petition have mentioned multiple residential and car burglaries and graffiti. 

"We as residents of this block are in need of help to get this issue resolved. Our homes, our property, and our children are falling victims to the ongoing crime that this opening allows."

The petition will be sent to the village of Bolingbrook.  

The following is the petition letter: 

I just signed the following petition addressed to: Village of Bolingbrook.

Remove a foot traffic opening in a fence line.

The opening in this fence line is a gateway for persons involved in criminal activity. Multiple residential, vehicle break ins, as well as ongoing property damage. This opening is also access for people to engage in drug sales as well. We as residents of this block and others against drugs and violence are in need of help to get this issue resolved. Our homes, our property, and our children are falling victims to the ongoing crime that this opening allows. 


[Your name]


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Melissa Sersland October 12, 2012 at 04:26 PM
There were four "Vera volpe argentata" registered yesterday, alone. There are about 15 registered on the site. Just an FYI.
Vera volpe argentata October 12, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Thank you sweet Melissa.
Mickey October 12, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Thanks Melissa also for cleaning up the trash here. This is a good cause & some just want to defile it with there smack talk:
Kim Brown October 13, 2012 at 01:57 PM
I live on hardwood drive and have for 50 (yes 50) years. My family is the most impacted by the fence as is it against our property. We will sign the petitionand hope it works but we have seen the fence closed before and they just tear it down. We have people who live on fernwood drive park their cars on hardwood drive just so they don't have to worry about their cars. But since when do we offer free parking, for the residences of fernwood! We have called the police and are told we have to call at 2:00 am (great but people have to work) they block mailboxes, trash pick ups, and yet nothing will be done. I have two handicapped parents and we worry about violence in the area as well as accessibility for for emergency vehicles if needed.
mario perez October 21, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Another incident at 109 Jamestown Lane in Beaconridge. BPD had to come and break up a fight between 2 males in parking lot K at 4 am Saturday morning. About 10 people standing around, along with a baby and 2 small children. I am sure it would have been worse if BPD had not responded so quickly. One male taken away via ambulance. How long do we have to put up with these people? Can't believe I have to put up with their disturbances day in and day out!


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