Can Peloquin’s Votes Outside the City Beat Rush’s Chicago Numbers?

Don Peloquin may have taken in more votes in the suburbs during last week’s primary election, but that number didn’t come close to what Bobby Rush pulled within Chicago city limits.

The covers an almost comically diverse landscape.

Starting on the north end at 26th Street and Michigan Avenue, down Martin Luther King Drive to the Dan Ryan at the Skyway and further south, including neighborhoods just east and west of the highway. But the new district then continues down I-57, stretching past Harlem Avenue to LaGrange Road, continuing south and west to Highway 53, all the way to the 2,300-population town of Elwood.

All residents in this area will have their interests represented in Congress by either Democrat Incumbent 1st District Rep. Bobby Rush or Republican Blue Island Mayor Don Peloquin.

Rush handily won far more votes in Chicago alone with 55,196 votes to Peloquin’s 599 as of Tuesday. But outside of Chicago, Peloquin took almost all of the Suburban Cook townships, except for Thornton and Calumet. Peloquin also took Frankfort and New Lenox townships.

While the Chicago sections of the new 1st District are population dense, the district used to stop at Will County. Voters in November will include people living on the far west side of Will County.

Who will get the votes: a staunch President Obama supporter, in favor of policies such as the Affordable Health Care Act, or an as-little-government-as-possible Republican?

Surburban Cook County Votes

TOWNSHIP Rush Peloquin Bremen 2467 3292 Calumet 1495 207 Orland 904 2221 Palos 74 249 Rich 177 183 Thornton 58 24 Worth 2366 2918 TOTAL 7541 9094

Will County Votes

TOWNSHIP Rush Peloquin Frankfort 656 4182 New Lenox 164 1434 TOTAL 820 5616

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Ben Rakowski March 28, 2012 at 11:38 AM
Times are a changing and Rush has not properly represented his district, time for him to go.
cingularmannnnnnn@yahoo.com March 28, 2012 at 01:00 PM
bobby rush==black panther member
Brad Stewart May 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM
All Bobby Rush stands for is the status quo. He doesn't represent all of the citizens of his district !! I didn't even realize he was running in a primary until I drove Stony Island and seen over 200 Rush signs. He really showed his bias and embaressed us with his despicable race hating and rush to judgement in the Zimmerman case. Listen to his "hoodie speach" on the floor of the House, He is not very inteligent!!! We deserve better !!!!!!!!!
Frank Williams May 13, 2012 at 10:43 PM
It's very difficult to defeat an incumbent in the US, especially in an area dominated by Chicago Democratic politics. I will, nevertheless, vote for Mayor Peloquin. As a Tinley Park resident I've never seen Rep. Rush hold a town hall meeting in my area, and I have never received a response from his office whenever I've written; not even the usual form letter. I'm simply ignored. Bobby Rush has clearly decided he does not need his SW suburban constituency, and that effectively leaves us subject to taxation without representation.
Marine Sniper June 16, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Rush has never held "town hall meetings", why? Because he does not has the intelligence of even a monkey to answer questions from his constituency. Plain and to the point he has the intelligence of a circus monkey. He has managed to win and keep his position on only one requirement needed. He won because he is black. The black populace in his district voted for him on this reason only. They did not weigh the issues he supported, if any at all. They cared less. All that mattered was the fact he was black! He has done nothing for his "people" other then to play the racist card, this proven with his inept and undereducated "hoodie speech". This is truly an ignorant and uneducated, dolt. Semper Fi!


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