Judge Orders Fire Hydrant Tappers to Pay Fine and Complete Community Service

Two local men who were cited last month for illegally accessing a fire hydrant to fill their backyard ice rink learned their fate last week.

The Tinley Park men to fill a backyard ice rink were ordered last week to pay $127.44 fine and complete 16 hours of community service.

The judge reportedly also suggested that Timmy Ryan, 20, and Tony Nelin, 21, fulfill their service requirement through the , according to a story in the Chicago Tribune

The duo was cited in December, when . The nearly regulation-sized rink remains set up behind a home in the 17600 block of Highland Avenue in .

The unauthorized 26,000 gallons of water used surely got people talking, but the two .

"I understand what your purpose was; the problem was how you went about it," Cook County Judge Daniel Lawrence Peters said last Thursday, according to the Tribune's story. "If you have contacts with the park district, you may be able to do something with the rink."

The Chicago Tribune also reports:

"News of their citation garnered the men an invitation to play in the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship in Bloomington, Minn., last weekend, which they accepted. While they didn't get much attention for their hockey skills, Nelin said their rink story was well known and was the subject of many jokes during the tournament.

"It was a blast," Nelin said. "They were asking if we had warrants out for our arrests."

The hockey enthusiasts replaced their original, damaged liner with a donated one from a Wisconsin company specializing in rinks, the story says.

Their initial liner was reportedly damaged when village employees were calculating the amount of water they used.

Find the full story in the Chicago Tribune.


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Jake C January 31, 2012 at 09:00 PM
So many perks for this, its unbelievable that so many positive things are coming because of this. It reals makes me want to build a hockey rink in my backyard.


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