Officials Require Residents to Regulate Sprinkling

Water conservation efforts in Tinley Park kick off May 15. See what that means for you.

Water isn't a never-ending resource.

That's why officials want residents to keep water conservation tactics in mind this spring and summer. Water conservation efforts are mandated beginning May 15 and lasting through Sept. 15.

Residents with odd addresses can water on odd days between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Those with even addresses can sprinkle during the same time frames on even days. 

For example, if your address is 907, you can water between those hours on odd days only. If your address is 910, it's all even days for you.

Water conservation benefits all by preventing water shortages and maintaining a safe water supply for health, fire protection and environmental purposes, officials wrote in a recent news release.

Tinley Park provides water to more than 24,000 homes and businesses through an elaborate system of reservoirs, pumps and computers managing the flow of water. While the village typically uses an average of 9 million gallons of water every day, consumption can reach as much as 18 million gallons during the peak days in summer.

"Because consumption rises dramatically during these warmer months, it is absolutely critical to maintain an at least 50 percent water (reserve) in the water storage system to ensure safe drinking water and proper fire protection capabilities," the release said.

If changing weather conditions should warrant , residents will be notified with color-coded signage placed throughout the village.

Here are some tips from the village that will help keep your lawn green during conservation efforts:

  • Water deeply, not frequently. Your lawn will be healthier if it receives about 1 inch of water every three to four days. Providing more will over-saturate the soil, causing water to run off.
  • Make sure you are watering the lawn, not the street or sidewalk. Water that falls on pavement goes into our sewer systems, increases your water bill and wastes water.
  • Use a rain gauge. Rain gauges will tell you how much rain has fallen and how much more water, if any, you should add by sprinkling the lawn.
  • Sprinklers are available with dials that can be set to water specific amounts at specific times. You can purchase them at local hardware stores or garden centers.
  • If you have an automatic system, make sure it has a rain meter installed. This will prevent the system from running during rainstorms, which are critical times for our water system to re-charge.
  • Place a layer of mulch around trees and plants to retain water.
  • If you are able, water your lawn in the early morning to avoid evaporation.

For additional tips, visit the village website.


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