Plan for Healthier Village Vending Machine Food Put on Hold

The Tinley Park Village Board tabled a resolution that would have stocked village vending machines with fruits and other healthy snacks. The problem: The current machines can't handle some of the more nutritious food.

All vending machines are not created equal

And the difference of what can go in them can be as great as apples and … well, Snickers candy bars.

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The Tinley Park Village Board tabled a proposal Tuesday that would've outfitted village vending machines with healthy snacks and drinks after it was discovered that the current machines aren't built with a one-food-fits-all standard in mind.

"Apparently our vending machines are not healthy. They can't digest good food," joked Village Trustee Greg Hannon, who sponsored the resolution, at Tuesday's meeting.

The resolution, which is part of the village's initiative to create a healthier environment for Tinley residents and employees, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"trustees-take-steps-toward-improving-community-health"} -->, would have required that 50 percent of the drinks and 30 percent of the food in the vending machines in village-owned buildings meet healthy standards recently mapped out by


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