Road Construction Related to Mariano's Will Continue Through Summer

The village board discussed the addition of two right turn lanes and a traffic light on Route 45 at Tuesday's meeting.

Frankfort residents can expect more construction on Route 45 with the opening of Mariano’s Fresh Market on March 5.

The Frankfort Village Board of Trustees voted to purchase two small plots of land from Phillips Chevrolet in order to accommodate the addition of a turn lane on La Grange Road at a meeting Tuesday evening.

“We’re very excited about Mariano’s opening up,” said Frankfort Mayor Jim Holland in an interview with Patch.

The two plots of land total .023 acres and were purchased to allow for the relocation of a natural gas line easement and for right-of-way for the new turn lane.

The lane will be located on southbound La Grange road and will facilitate right turns onto Lincoln Highway.

Other upcoming construction projects related to the opening of Mariano’s include the installation of a traffic light at Market Street and Route 45 and the addition of a right turn lane at northbound La Grange Road onto Market Street, which will serve as the entry roadway to Mariano’s.

The estimated cost for all road improvements related to the accommodation of the new Mariano’s and any other nearby future developments is $1.8 million.

The village is currently awaiting permit approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation on these projects. Village officials first requested state approval on the additions in December 2011.

“We certainly appreciate the public’s patience,” said Holland.

The Department of Transportation has indicated that the village can expect permits to be issued within the next 45 days, according to Village Administrator Jerry Ducay. Bids for construction on the upcoming projects are due March 19. Ducay estimates that work on the additions will begin in late April and continue through the summer and into the fall.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Ducay.

Police will be directing traffic during peak hours at Market Street before signalization is installed.

“Use some extra caution and care,” Police Chief John Burica said. “We will do our best.”

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the village board authorized the purchase of four budgeted police vehicles totaling approximately $130,000.

Additionally, the board approved approximately $112,000 in repair and replacement costs for the Utility Department.

The board passed an ordinance amendment removing village restrictions on Sunday morning liquor sales at Tuesday’s meeting as well. This will allow local restaurants to serve alcohol at Sunday brunch.

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Penny Ploski February 21, 2013 at 01:25 AM
What's going to happen to the Frankfort fountain and landscaping on that corner?
Mike February 22, 2013 at 12:39 AM
I would imagine that this store will generate a lot more in tax revenue for the township!
Dan March 10, 2013 at 02:35 PM
I think the tax revenue for the township/village will be minimal. Please are only going to spend so much on groceries/eating out. Adding Mariano's isn't going to get people to spend significantly more. People are going to shift their current grocery shopping from Walt's, Jewel, Dominick's, and Brookhaven. Yes, I too have heard that Walt's is not going to renew their lease - - - so all that tax revenue is going to disaapear. I am a bit confused that the village is picking up the $1.8 million. I thought it was the policy of the village of Frankfort to have new business pay for necessary traffic improvements (i.e., slow down lanes, traffic lights). Not sure why Mariano's got a "pass" on this one. Mayor Holland and the village trustees have been bragging about Mariano's (don't get me wrong, I have heard great things about the chain's other locations), but they haven't addressed the possible closure of Walt's and a large store front in our village with a "For Sale/Lease" sign on the front windows.
Granny Gruntz May 18, 2013 at 03:22 PM
*WHY do so many citizens ASSUME that Walt's is going to close BECAUSE Mariano's opened? *Aldi and Walt's have the best prices in Frankfort!. *ALSO - for the elderly, Mariano's is just TOO BIG to navigate for weekly shopping! *YES - it is interesting for gourmet and specialty foods - HOWEVER - are the prices at Mariano's competitive with Aldi and Walt's? OR are the prices competitive with Jewel and Dominick's? *Dominick's have the highest prices and Jewel is second - OTHER than "specials and sales" - and even then those prices are not necessarily competitive with Aldi and Walt's. *Walt's is VERY ACCOMMODATING when it comes to Customer Service and repackaging into smaller amounts for produce and meats! *Aldi and Walt's still seem to continue with the same volume of shoppers when I have been in both doing my weekly shopping.
Granny Gruntz May 20, 2013 at 09:34 PM
*Comments have been made regarding a "southwest turnoff lane" going south on LaGrange Road for a right turn to connect to Rt. 30 WITHOUT going through the intersection of LaGrange Rd. & Rt. 30. *Just where is this "turnoff lane" to constructed? *Will it be just on north side of the car dealership? *Will the "turnoff lane" be opposite of the new Market Street on east side of LaGrange Rd? *Where a new stop light is to be installed?


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