Route 30 Update: Why the Lanes in Front of Walmart Were Reduced

Although that portion of Route 30 between Marley and Williams was freshly paved before the Walmart development opened in 2010, the state is tearing it up so the road matches the rest of the widening project.

The state continues its work on the Route 30 widening project that will expand the roadway to four lanes. But a case of bad timing has reduced a new section of the road from four to two lanes.

Crews have torn up the north side of Route 30 between Marley Road and Williams Street in New Lenox, which is in front of the restaurant and . 

Although that portion of Route 30 was freshly paved before the Walmart development opened in 2010, it was paved with asphalt and the state wants to match it up with the rest of the widening project, which will be paved with concrete. 

"All the Walmart stuff was approved before the state actually pulled the trigger on committing to the Route 30 work," village engineer Will Nash said. "It was literally right after the developer bid that stuff out that the state made a change with its philosophy of having concrete."

The long-awaited Route 30 project, , involves reconstructing the roadway, building a second lane in both directions and adding a raised concrete median for nine miles through New Lenox, Mokena and Frankfort. 

The $73 million project has always included the short stretch in front of Walmart, but it may have come as a surprise to drivers because the road there is so new. 

Nash said one possible reason the state chose to go with concrete is because it typically lasts about five years longer than asphalt. Besides the new pavement, the state is also installing the proper drainage to match it up with the rest of the widening project. 

"They're picking up the pieces and connecting the dots and revamping it to match with what will be there as you continue east," Nash said. 

Right now the two north lanes are being torn up. The same work will be down in the two south lanes, but Nash said he doesn't know how soon that portion of the project will be finished. His best estimation was before the end of the calendar year. 

 Go to the IDOT website for project information and a work zone map.

pro streeter April 02, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Concrete also freezes up faster than blacktop making it very slick in bad winter weather. It will hold up for quite a while longer as stated...
Special K April 02, 2012 at 03:14 PM
With all the semi's that divert from i-80 to rt 30, the concrete should hold up much better than asphalt.
Anthony Bonanno April 02, 2012 at 09:02 PM
And why is il broke ? And why are the taxes so high? Lets keep voting the same dummy's bake in office
John Prebstle August 17, 2012 at 03:10 AM
I have noticed on several stretches of route 30 they are creating a lane with concrete poured directly over dirt - no gravel base, no reinforcing rods. These lanes seem to be alongside the main highway which has reinforcing rods. Are these some type of temporary lane? If so, why concrete instead of asphalt?
Who dat August 22, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Yes those are temporary lanes, John. The reason for using concrete over asphalt, is that asphalt is not nearly as dense as concrete, and as trucks pound over that, it can actually pull the asphalt apart and require additional overlays and in the end cost more. And everyday these slow workers spend fixing the temporary lanes is time taken away from finishing the actual project.


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