Officials: Be Wary of Pitches for Water Service Line Protection

Residents may have already received mailings concerning water service line protection policies. But local government officials warn residents to be careful before buying in.

As the temperatures dip below freezing, Southland residents can expect a number of mailings concerning water service line protection plans, and local municipalities are encouraging residents to educate themselves before taking the plunge on buying into a plan.

Tinley Park and Oak Forest both recently warned residents that neither municipality is connected, or sponsoring, the service.

“There is no partnership between these companies and the Village of Tinley Park,” Tinley Park officials stated in a relase. “The Village neither recommends nor discourages purchase of this private insurance.”

Oak Forest Alderman Chuck Toland also encouraged residents to be wary of mailings, and any other contact, that seeks out residents for potential work on their home.

“Please do your due diligence before purchasing any service or items from someone who seeks you out rather than you seeking them or their product out,” Toland wrote in an email to constituents.

Water service line protection plans cover repairs to water service lines and sewer lines between junctures at a homeowner's property line and their home. Water service lines and sewer lines that run from the property line to a home are the homeowner's responsibility, according to the Tinley Park release, although municipalities will check any problem to help determine if the homeowner or municipality is responsible for repairs or replacement.

Homeowners are urged to check their home insurance plans before making any final decision on water service line protection plans, as some home insurance policies already cover the work. If a resident is considering purchasing a plan, it is recommended that they take into account pricing, labor and material costs, and making sure the contractor is licensed in the municipality.

If residents have any questions, they are encouraged to contact their respective city or village for more information. 

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Richard Simon January 22, 2013 at 02:32 PM
The average homeowner will go a lifetime and never have a problem with their water service, probably close to 99%. After being in the business for close to fifty years I can only recall 3 or four water line dig-ups due of leaks. Don't waste your money on the insurance.


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