Tinley Officials Task Company With Replacing 809 Defective Water Meters

Members of the Public Works Committee said that more broken meters may be out there. But they will soon be starting repairs on the more than 800 that were reported so far.

voted Tuesday night to replace 809 defective residential water meters that were supposed to last 30 years but crapped out after just two.

In the springtime, about 500 of the meters—manufactured by the company, Severn Trent—were reported broken, said Tom Staunton, chairman of the Public Works Committee. But since then, an additional 300 have failed.

The committee approved an addition to the original $37,460 contract that was granted to Calumet City Plumbing to repair the first 500, Staunton said. They did so by tacking $18,355 onto that contract, bringing the total cost to $55,815 and allowing them to fix all 809 that aren't working.

Elster, the company that has taken over for Severn Trent, has agreed to uphold the original meters' warranties and provide new, free meters in their place, officials said. The village will pay about $33 per meter which is the fee for installation only.

"We shouldn't see this type of failure in the future," Public Works Director Dale Schepers said, adding that the replacement meters will be warrantied for 15-20 years and are expected to last 30. "(Elster is) standing behind this product even though they didn't manufacture it and they're providing their better product as a replacement."

Elster also granted the village a $30,000 reimbursement for the project, according to board documents. The total budget available for repairs was $195,000. But with reimbursements and warranties, the total cost will come in at $55,815—$139,815 under budget.

"There could be more (broken meters) out there," Schepers said. "As additional claims are processed through, there could be opportunities for further reductions."


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JJR September 21, 2011 at 03:50 PM
Crapped out? Classy.
Carrie Frillman September 21, 2011 at 04:23 PM
Thanks :o)
Tinley Park 4 September 21, 2011 at 04:39 PM
How does one check if theirs is broken?
Carrie Frillman September 21, 2011 at 04:51 PM
Hi Patti. Good question. I just talked with Dale Schepers. He said that public works employees figure out that they aren't working when they collect the readings. The reader they use does a diagnosis of the meter after it collects the necessary data. Residents wanting to check on their own meters can open up the cover on top and look at the numbers. If the numbers are flashing, or if they're not there at all, it's an indication that your meter isn't working correctly. Hope this helps!


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