Tinley Park to Shop Around for Ambulance Service Providers

The Village will accept bids from ambulance service providers.

Tinley Park officials will weigh choices for the Village's ambulance services. 

The village board Tuesday voted to issue a request for proposals for the service. Officials also approved an extension of its current contract with Trace Ambulance services, to allow time to explore its other options. The company's current contract is set to expire April 30, but the extension pushes the date back to July 31. 

Tinley Park currently pays Trace approximately $600,000 a year, to staff four ambulances in town during most of the day, Tribune reports. 

The Village will accept bids for two types of programs, including one that would provide four ambulances throughout the Village. As an alternative, proposals will also provide cost information for a fifth ambulance during peak hours. With this program, the service provider maintains billing rights.

Under a second option, proposers would list costs associated with proviing four ambulances, and an alternative bid for a fifth during peak hours. The Village retains billing rights as part of this program.

The RFP will be available on the Village website beginning April 8; bids will be accepted until April 25. 

The board can terminate its extension with Trace at any time, as part of the board's decision. 

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