Villagers May Soon See a $114 Increase in Their Property Taxes

The village's Board of Trustees approved the first reading of a 2011 tax levy increase on Tuesday that would increase residents' property tax bills next year.

Residents will see an increase of up to $114 on their village property tax bills next year if the board approves a final reading later this month on a 1.5 boost in the year's tax levy.

The approved this week the first reading of the increase in the 2011 tax levy, according to a story by Triblocal. It states that if the motion gets the board's final approval on Dec. 20, that residents can expect to pay between $54 and $114 more on their tax bills.

The property tax revenue request of $18.8 million was an increase of about $280,000 in revenue from the year before.

"The projected tax rate will be 1.128 for every $100 of equalized assessed value, up from 1.024," the story says

It also states that the 2011 levy for the will remain at its current $5.6 million. However, the library’s projected tax rate is .333 — up from the .317 rate in 2010.

"The total equalized assessed valuation for the village and library taxing district is expected to decline by about $144 million from last year …" according to the story. "The decrease in the EAV means there is a smaller tax base against which to split the village and library levy requests."

Village Treasurer Brad Bettenhausen said during Tuesday's board meeting that he estimates taxpayers will pay $8 to $18 more on their library tax bills in 2012 because of the EAV decrease, the story states.

Check in with Tinley Park Patch following Dec. 20 to see the final vote.

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EdwardBrown December 09, 2011 at 12:21 PM
I dont feel like i should be forced to have health insurance, I think everyone would like to have health insurance if they could afford it. If you need affordable health insurance search online "Penny Medical" or you dont want to be with out insurance any time.
Loretta Torres December 09, 2011 at 02:37 PM
Enough already with these tax hikes. Will it be any better when everyone is homeless and living on the streets due to property taxes? Take it from all the corrupted politicians. We work for our income and you take it all anyway. When will it ever stop or at least be in control.
Mike James December 09, 2011 at 07:30 PM
This is totally ridiculous the village was in the black and they still want more from us. LEARN TO BUDGET YOUR MONEY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES. They put millions of dollars on Harlem avenue with money they could give back to the community. Enough is enough already, If things ever get better I will be moving out of the crooked state and cities. I have had enough.
Dave Janotta December 10, 2011 at 04:40 AM
We need to elect some new trustees. There are too many trustees that have been in office for too long and can not relate to the average person. Cut back like everyone else. Do we need a fancy train station and entrance into city hall? Try saving some money instead of spending it all at the tax payers expense.


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