Who Plows What Roads? A Guide to Tinley Park Snow Removal

The village isn't responsible for clearing the snow from all the streets run through it. Find out who else deserves the credit. Or blame.

Credit: File Photo
Credit: File Photo
Ah, the best laid plans of ice and men.

The first snowfall of 2014 had some Tinley Park residents grumbling about all that white stuff clogging up the roads.

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Thankfully, that's where tax money goes, to paying for plows to remove snow from the road. Sometimes, though, roads aren't plowed to residents' liking, and people who live in Tinley Park get mad at village government

But should they?

That depends, because the Village of Tinley Park isn't responsible for plowing all the roadways that run through its boundaries. Those duties can fall to the State of Illinois and Cook County. In some cases, Will County and the three townships within Tinley's village limits—Bremen, Frankfort and Mokena—also share the responsibility.

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With 1 to 3 inches of snow expected Tuesday (and let's face it, more snow will be expected the rest of this winter and future winters until 2028, when dramatic climate change will transform the Chicagoland area into the American Riviera), we've listed and mapped the Tinley Park streets that are not plowed by the village, thanks to the .

Now you know the proper taxing body to direct your anger at. Or praise (we can dream, can't we?).

Roads Plowed by the State

Red on the map

  • Harlem Avenue
  • Oak Park Avenue (north of 159 Street and south of 183rd Street)
  • 159th Street
  • LaGrange Road

Roads Plowed by Cook and Will Counties

Blue on the map

  • Oak Forest Avenue (from Ridgeland Avenue to 167th Street; Cook County)
  • Ridgeland Avenue (between Oak Forest Avenue and Route 30; Cook County)
  • 80th Avenue (between 159th Street and 183rd Street; Cook County)
  • 84th Avenue (Cook County)
  • 167th Street (east of Harlem Avenue; Cook County)
  • 171st Street (west of Harlem Avenue to LaGrange Road; Cook County)
  • 175th Street (east of Oak Park Avenue to Central Avenue; Cook County)
  • 179th Street (west of 94th Avenue to LaGrange Road; Cook County)
    183rd Street (west of Harlem Avenue to LaGrange Road; Cook County)
    80th Avenue (between 183rd Street to 191st Street; Will County)
    191st Street (Will County)
  • 183rd Street (west of Harlem Avenue to LaGrange Road; Cook County)
  • 80th Avenue (between 183rd Street to 191st Street; Will County)
  • 191st Street (Will County)

Roads Plowed by Townships

Purple on the map

  • 88th Avenue (south of Brookside Glen Subdivision; Frankfort Township)
  • 88th Ave (south from 191st Street for about a quarter of a mile; Mokena Township)
  • 179th Street (about 800 feet west of Oak Park Avenue; Bremen Township)
  • Parts of Kimberly Heights subdivision (Bremen Township)

SOURCE: Village of Tinley Park
Harry Callahan January 14, 2014 at 11:49 AM
@ LARRY RIZZO I agree with U ,I always thought Tinley Park did a good job of plowing over the years,but this time I think they gave up why I don't know,but I have a good view of there work and this time seemed they were fighting a losing battle.As Larry said I could see that when I was on the roads I could see the difference on roads some were pretty good of what was given by Mother Nature but many were treacherous and dangerous sometimes U need a plan which I think they didn't have along with many others.
Larry January 14, 2014 at 07:26 PM
Yes Harry, this state and Crook-County are so political that a guy like myself who knows the area after working out here for 12 yrs., you would think that knowledge and experience would allow people like me that want to return for 75 days at lower pay is a No-Brainer . You can't expect to have the same results when you have un experienced personnel on snow removal the area that I was in had 18 routes, most of us that have now retired still know all the snow and ice routes.
Sue Slansky January 15, 2014 at 12:13 AM
They all did a terrible job, in this last storm, the village, the state &especially the county!
Larry January 15, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Sue, as far as the County , I know for a fact that they do not have a night shift. If it is snowing they work from 7:30am-11:00 pm, they have No-One out after 11:00 pm. I recall when I plowed Lagrange Rd. from 87th street- 119th street, I always noticed that if I worked nights that after 11pm I didn't see a County Truck anywhere near 87th street and Lagrange,87th street was a mess all the years that I plowed around that area. A friend of mine plowed for the County for 1-winter, he told me about the hours. I.D.O.T has a day and a night shift 12 on 12 off depending on the weather. I.D.O.T HAS HAD MANY,UPON MANY EXPERIANCED DRIVERS RETIRE,AND PART TIME SNOW BIRDS SOMETIMES DO-NOT REPLACE THE YEARS OF EXPERIANCE AND KNOWLEDGE AS A 20-32 YR. VETERAN HAS. I always am willing to go back to my perspective yard as a snow-bird to work for the winter. I use to train part time snow-birds and I always asked them if they ever plowed before ,many of them said no, I know with Cook County Highway Department that they want to know if you have plowed in the last 5 years. and they request you get a drivers abstract from D.M.V.
Harry Callahan January 19, 2014 at 05:26 PM
Just want to report I was out on the roads Jan 18 about 2pm from Tinley Park all away to LaGrange RD. and Joliet RD this was not my idea but my lovely wifes,we started home about 8pm the roads were terrible and dangerous both ways and the plows were deceased only place I seen a number of them was around Lagrange and I55 whats going on never have I seen roads in that bad of condition,I will have to say were I seen pretty clears roads was on 167th st. as I turned off from 80th ave.


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