2013: Good year or bad year for Mike Madigan?

THE BEST OF YEARS, THE WORST OF YEARS Was 2013 House Speaker Michael Madigan's worst year ever or a year of triumph? Maybe both. More here.

HANG UP AND HIT THE GAS There's a new batch of laws in effect for 2014 that'll affect your driving, talking, tanning and more. Our list of the day covers the 10 most talked about.

NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Politico today has a rundown of what it ranks as the Top 10 governor's races in the nation in 2014. Illinois is in it. Will Pat Quinn's minimum wage effort be a factor? The Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson takes a look. Lots of discussion of the governor's race in Politico and elsewhere today. More here. 

HEADLINES Here's what's in the news as 2014 gets under way:
  • 5. Opinion: Illinois needs more workers compensation reform. (Chicago Tribune)
    4. A report questions the investment returns of the state’s largest public retirement systems. (Chicago Tribune)
    3. The Morris Daily Herald has a breakdown of the four Republican candidates for governor. (Morris Daily Herald)
    2. The issue of a minimum wage hike in Illinois is shaping up to be a big one in the governor’s race. (Chicago Tribune)
    1. Politico takes a look at ten key governor races in 2014, including the race in Illinois. (Politico)


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