Exclusive Reboot Illinois Poll: How Would Voters Fix the State Income Tax and Budget?

There are some serious problems facing Illinois politicians. Here's how some voters in the state would handle those challenges.

How would you fix the 2015 state budget in Illinois?

Almost 1,000 voters were polled by We Ask America about three major issues facing the state. How would the voters handle the income tax, the budget and spending cuts?

We have the answers from the June 18 exclusive poll on our website. Would your solution match with the findings from the poll?

What should happen to the income tax rate? How should Illinois fill its budget hole? If Illinois cuts spending, what should be cut?

Find out the results of those questions here.

Then continue taking an active role as an Illinois voter and read about the seven things voters need to study before the November election. 

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McCloud June 23, 2014 at 08:55 PM
Not too hard, hand out 401K brochures to all teachers and other public union pigs at the trough, and tell them they need to acclimate themselves to the 1980s' when pensions were pretty much gone from the private sector. Anything less is pure corruption, as there are too many favors ans corruption associated with the big pot of money. Anyone who fails to see this is either a public union benefactor or lost in the woods.
JT June 24, 2014 at 08:27 AM
McCloud, you are right on. I would take a step further and order all present pension receivers who receive above $100,000/yr to be re evaluated. Those are the people who got us into this position, and in my opinion they should not get it. Also I would like to add, we have a real shot at cleaning up this mess by cutting Madigan off. Paul Schimpf (retired Marine, atty. that was at Sadam Hussein's trial) is running against his daughter, Lisa. www.schimpf4illinois.com - Please check him out, and help get him elected. With a new governor and AG, we might have a chance to clean this cesspool out.


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