15 Reasons Why The Windy City bruises The Big Apple

Are you as sick as me of those weenies in NYC? Here's why we Chicagoans are second to no one.

The Rahmfather and Fallon during Chicago's annual polar plunge.
The Rahmfather and Fallon during Chicago's annual polar plunge.
People always seem to talk about how tough and gritty New Yorkers are. Sure they deal with hoards of rats, fold their pizza and put up with the New York Jets every year, but there are plenty of reasons why Chicagoans take a big bite out of The Big Apple.

Of course Chicago has its problems, like corrupt politicians, but at least they do time in prison instead of writing books and taking inappropriate selfies.

Plus, when it comes to sports, Chicagoans are much more loyal to their perennial, struggling teams - i.e., the Chicago Cubs – for 106 years running. And even when the Crosstown Classic arrives, North Siders and South Siders are able to unite over a Chicago-style dog (no ketchup) and ice-cold beer.

Speaking of ice cold, Chicagoans survived one of the worst winters on record, which was bad enough to coin the Twitter hashtags, Chiberia and Snowmageddon. When we do get those 3ish months of hot, humid weather, a good chunk of that time is spent avoiding potholes, tourists and constant traffic-snarling construction.

And speaking of Chicagoans, if you haven't heard the swirling rumors yet, there is speculation that First Lady Michelle Obama could make a run for Sen. Mark Kirk's seat in 2016. The FLOTUS has shied away from making politically charged statements in the past, but in recent months, speculators suggest she is beginning to find her political voice. Do you think the FLOTUS should run for senator in 2016? Cast your vote here.

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Vince Hradil June 10, 2014 at 01:51 PM
What's a FLOTUS?
Marian Cunningham June 10, 2014 at 06:15 PM
Stands for First Lady Of The United States.
Vicky Kujawa June 13, 2014 at 06:25 AM
Sounds like bad gas.


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