Illinois is No. 1 in This Category and It Isn't Even Close

We took a look at the states with the highest number of government taxing bodies and the Land of Lincoln comes in at number one.

Six thousand, nine hundred sixty-three. 6,963! That's the number of government taxing bodies in the state of Illinois. That number far and away leads the nation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hawaii is last with just 21 taxing bodies.

Granted, Illinois is going to have more than a state such as Hawaii because Illinois clearly has more people. The greater the population of the state, the greater the number of taxing bodies needed. That's why behind Illinois, Texas, California, Pennsylvania and New York are the next five.

But Illinois is a clear-cut number one.


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Bernard Johnson March 08, 2014 at 11:04 AM
It rather looks like we took this 'no taxation without representation' rather... a bit too far. Consider the redundancy of administration for no value-added with all of these taxing bodies. Case in point, a couple of years ago the Township built a new building on Deerfield Road just east of Waukegan Road; of course, the Township often overlaps with the County and the Village, and the State, and the Library Board, and the School Districts, and the County Forest Preserves, and the so ons and so forths.... Government in a civil society can do much good, however, overly burdensome and overly costly governmental bureaucratic entities with overlaping and/or duplicative scope is both highly cost-inefficient and a drain on limited resources. Sadly, Illinois - the state that opitimizes the shortcomings of political patronage and non-accountability of public officials for their actions, is in a dialectic of self-destruction. Illinois needs a complete restructuring - from top to bottom and every which way! I doubt there's a broom that exists that's up to the job. Government can be a good thing, as opposed to the chaos and anarchy of so many lawless and pathetic places on this planet; however, the gargantuan Goliath of the aggreate magnitude of the burdens of 'government' in Illinois that have been put on the shoulders of the few tax-payers left standing in the dire State of Illinois are simply too much to bear. It's well past time to cut government down to size in Illinois. We can start by eliminating townships - they're utterly superfluous; then we can start combing redundant taxing and administrative bodies. Considering the potentiality of the applications of computerization to so many administrative functions, there's simply no valid excuse [apart from the proclivity for empire building and the vested interests of the patronage-armies in the political arena of Illinois] to tolerate the status quo any longer! Vote out the incumbents - for starters, and demand less bureaucracy.
Bernard Johnson March 08, 2014 at 11:23 AM
As an aside, I know one couple - who'd lived in Deerfield for many decades, who recently decided to and did sell their home, and left. Though a retired professional with assets, they simply got tired of the ever increasing burdens of expansionist government spending that's clearly out of control. In the past decade or so Deerfield expanded the Police-Station, renovated and expanded the Village Hall, built the Turner Center, tore down a building and built a new building [of very limited scope of utility] in Jewett Park, renovated and expanded the Library, among other projects, and District 113 just put their snout into the taxpayer's pocket-trough for a couple of hundred million dollars to renovate Deerfield and Highland Park High-schools [schools that have been so structurally mismanaged and insufficiently maintained that it defies all logic to give the same people responsible for the deterioration of those facilities a lavish budget to - we must assume, start the process all over again. Bear in mind just eight things: real-incomes are down/have reverted to pre-1996 levels, population demographic forecasts in the Village are stagnant - at best, though likely trending downward [which compounds the aburdity of the projects mentioned above], the State of Illinois recently raised the State's income-tax by 2/3rds, the State is still grotesquely in debt to under-funded pension obligations, these - along with the horrific condition of the State's infrastructure [road, bridges, rail-ways, etc], the State {along with other taxing authorities} continue to give away 'incentives' to private companies that do not carry their weight, e.g., Boeing - which paid no federal income taxes for 2013 whatsoever, et al, and globalization of labor will continue to put downward pressures on earnings {real-earnings}, and the reduced tax-basis from decreased population [the flight from Illinois] and decreased real-earnings will only exacerbate the inability of these approximately 7,000 taxing bodies to continue their reckless ways. All signs are indicating implosion - unchecked and utterly inefficient government is simply no longer tolerable!
Alice Riley March 08, 2014 at 11:42 AM
coming from a suburb of Philadelphia where the schools were top notch… our property taxes were less than half for a 5 bedroom colonial on two acres than what we pay now for a 2 bedroom condo in Chicago! Over 15 years, our taxes never even doubled. Within a year of living here--our taxes over doubled!!! Although we love the city.. We will not stay here post retirement. Taxes here are out of control and there seems to be no cap in sight. No sales tax in PA on clothes or food either!!
Bernard Johnson March 08, 2014 at 11:54 AM
I recently learned of another family in the Village who are leaving; they're so fed up that they're leaving the country entirely. Setting our perspective outside of the Village of Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, Highland Park, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff; the rest of Lake County isn't exactly a haven for tax revenues and/or productivity. Lake County is home to many people dependent on government - to some extent, and/or who live in poverty; they reside in Waukegan, North Chicago, Round Lake Beach, Zion, Park City and elsewhere. Coupling the poverty that abounds in Lake County with the dire state of the State of Illinois and the... issues of the greater Midwest [Gary, Cleveland, Detroit, Flint, Milwaukee, Akron, Indianapolis, Peoria, Kankakee, Moline, Rockford, etc], the writing's on the wall - in great BIG red letters. Right-to-work states [notably those in the South], as well as India, China and much of Southeast Asia will continue to drive labor's 'value' in the US downward. Illinois may be home to some Fortune 500 companies, but, many of them aren't expanding here, or don't make anything here whatsoever {Boeing, Caterpillar, et al}. Chicago's financial institutions are no longer her own. The Harris is Bank of Montreal, Continental is now Bank of American, LaSalle, Cragin, Talman and Exchange National are ABN AMRO; only the Northern Trust is still locally controlled. The CBOT and MERC may have experienced increased volume, but, their global market share is down. The floating of the the trading entities in Chicago is a retirement plan for seat-owners, but, any secure location for the computers and servers could perform the functions that Chicago's exchanges now perform. Funds from the Exchanges that used to go into overnight deposits in 'local' banks now search the highest overnight deposit rates on a global electronic basis. With the demise of open/outcry trading, electronic trading can be facilitated anywhere with an Internet connection. The demise of the Chicago and region's middle-class is overtly demonstrative. Caucasians are now the minority in the Chicago Public Schools. Where earlier waves of immigration into Chicago and the surrounding area brought physicians, physicists, scholars of all kinds, master plumbers, electricians, lathe operators and other highly skilled people from Germany, Russia, Hungary, Poland, etc; recent immigrants/migrants posses few marketable - let alone 'high-end', skills. The consequences of Chicago being a self-declared 'sanctuary city' are overt and of profound ramifications. So, keep on spending [our money] while you can; those of us with any sense [or cents] are expatriating our assets and are soon to follow them - out of the dire state of the State of Illinois.
Citizen Sane March 16, 2014 at 11:05 PM
Whoa. I must once again decide how to award my preference by stating a directional allegiance toward excellence.


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