In memory of those who fought for us, let's fight for a better Illinois

Take a moment to honor those this Memorial Day, then fight for a better Illinois in their memory.

Today being Memorial Day, it's important for all of us to take a moment and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live in a free country. Each of us can honor those who have fallen in different ways, but perhaps the best way is to continue the fight they fought.

Fight for a better world to live in. Fight to improve our country. Fight to improve our state.

It's the last fight mentioned there that those of us who live in Illinois need to fight for. The Land of Lincoln is a great state, but it is struggling. That's why we at Reboot Illinois want to "reboot" Illinois. We want to inform citizens so they can take action and fight for a better state.

Reboot Illinois Chief Operating Officer Madeleine Doubek has her own reasons for wanting to reboot Illinois. What would your reasons be?

Maybe on Memorial Day the reason could to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live in a state in a country as great as the USA.


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